New Top Ten Page

hey guys, a quick note, I’ve reformatted the  ‘Top Ten‘ page so that all the results are cached, so the page should be much much faster then that previous version.  The daily stats are cached by the hour, and all the others are cached once a day.

Also, it’s been in the 20’s this whole week.  wtf guys, I live in Florida, not Michigan.

Should MCS have it’s own twitter feed that notifies you when there’s a new image?

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    Hahah stupid florida.
    Yeah twats!!!…also a facebook page? an officail one?

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s a great platform for drunken ramblings.


    She must of know jesus as a kid.


    Same reason you’ve never joined the group dedicated for Punching Lamb in the Face?


    i live in michigan. it sucks.
    and road construction all summer, everywhere.

    and twitter is fucking rondo – i cannot wait until it dies in a fire someday.


    I like the idea of a facebook page. It’s good for chatting and updating. Every time the site goes down, it gets posted and discussed on “punching lamb in the face” thread. Why not make an official one?


    Also, yes twitter. Anywhere you can get your site names out.