NESFW post display change

I’ve made a slight edit to how NESFW content is shown on the front page, I was getting tired of clicking through to view them, so I gave it the same ‘hover over the image to see it” that’s worked so well on the PLUS page.

Added benefit, now the NESFW tag archive is actually viewable, and for those of you using greasemonkey you can edit that css right out and view it all normal and shit.


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    I just want to bitch about the lack of ponies


    The change is fine, but reducing the number of double and triple-posted NSFW entries would be a bigger improvement.


    Shiny !


    I like the change Tiki. It’s a good way to preview if the post is worth checking out, without having to click through to do it. Well done, Sir.

    Dyon 86

    Like it, now if you could do the same NSFW only total blackout rather than see through grey, that would be great.