Drunk tiki gives you the finger

tiki god

It’s not every day that I post original content on MCS, but here it is.  The guy that’s in charge of art/story/layout/everything over at FUZZNUTS posted that he wanted to do some commission pieces, and this is the result of $10 well invested.

Think you have a better idea?  Go over there and commission some pieces.  anything that comes from that will be instaposted to the front page.  I’m thinking about going to other webcomics and seeing if I can get some commissioned pieces, that would be fucking sweet, right.

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    we need another theme day



    theme day on March 1st. Original Content only, please


    It shall be done ma lord.


    Does it have to be my original content?

    Kik Dogg

    God, Tiki, your tattoo is fucking awesome.

    I want to hump your leg, now


    Cool, now I just have to think of something. Damnit, why is everything so hard?


    i think it rocks 🙂


    I’ll scribble you a couple things. Should it be strictly Tiki related stuff or anything original? I think anything falls under “original content”, my weapons are only teh pencil and ink though so it won’t be anything fancy Photoshop made like the one by Fuzznuts.


    didn’t i tell you that you’d be expected to hand in Original Content before the semester was up?

    this is that moment in your future that i was from when i told you that


    Holy fuck you’re right. That’s creepy dude. I don’t know if I should feel impressed or call the FBI.

    Or is there any specific organisation one has to report time travellers to? Either way now I have to work extra hard, can’t afford to disappoint a god and a time traveller.


    the office of Time Police isnt invented for another 7 years. that;s the proper department to file your complaint with. you’ll just have to wait til then…

    or i could file it for you here in my own time


    Bullshit. time police is going to be invented 5 years from now due to a time crime in 2014 that was actually committed in 2012.

    I got an idead:
    it’s tiki god doing someting.
    there is a raccoon next to him killing a lamb…


    I think this shitty pic should be posted at least ten more times this week.


    Original content, does that mean my photomanips and drawings?


    I’m sickof seeing thisshitso much