Car Cable Management

I have three things that I wanted to power in my car: a wireless car charger, a dashcam and a rear view dashcam setup in my car. I only have two power outlets in my car, one that’s always on and one that’s ignition switch enabled.

I tried running the dashcams off the always on outlet, afterall they have capacitors and only turn the screens on for a brief moment when loading up, how much power can they draw? Turns out, they draw enough to kill my car battery over night, so that plan went out the window and I was back to trying to figure out how to power three accessory chargers at the same time. My next try was to buy an accessory power splitter and have a two outlet usb splitter in one of the poweroutlets. This worked ok, but with these three items and a charging cable for passengers, the wire management was getting out of control, with wires everywhere and not enough outlets of the same kind to permit the entire thing to look somewhat uncluttered. It was in fact VERY cluttered with cables running every which way, frequently getting snagged on literally anything that came within 5 feet of them. Coupled with how crappy all the wires looked, I was having trouble getting the phone charger to actually charge my phone with the bulky case I have on it. It held the phone just fine (unlike the unfortunate magnetic charger), but the wireless charging wasn’t charging wirelessly at all.

This last week I purchased two things that helped with this: a three outlet usb charger and a 10 foot mini usb cable for the back camera. While I was doing this I figured I could use a shorter mini usb cable for the wireless charger to make it less cluttered. The side effect from changing that cable out on a whim: my phone charges with the wireless charger now, with no problems at all.

Add in a couple sticky clamps and the wires are managed and not noticeable at all. I feel like it took me the better part of a year to get it to this point and I’m just happy I’m finally there.

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