I have three very large LEGO sets to put together, which should I do first?

Three options, I’d like to do them all on Twitch so you can watch my frustration:

LEGO Space Shuttle

LEGO Star Trek Enterprise 1701

LEGO Voltron (I may buy the light kit for this one)


I sold my poll site a while ago, so just comment on which one you think you want to eventually see.  Patreons obviously get like 10x vote power.

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    If the Voltron builds as 5 separate cats (or even parts) which then join together I would do that one first, otherwise the Enterprise, even though it is not technically Lego.


    Voltron. Definitely Voltron.


    What Hendell said!


    Discovery Shuttle – as an example of Mankind’s actual achievements in Space.

    Webster Smogpule

    This is a genuine no-brainer. So simple.
    First, build the shuttle, because it’s a real vehicle, not some made-up fantasy toy.
    Next, give the star trekky thing to a child who might enjoy it.
    Finally, chuck the Voltron rubbish into the bin where it belongs.
    There. Done.


    Nah, send them all to me, I’ll build ’em for ya. But my vote is this order…
    Discovery, Enterprise, then Voltron. I mean, it’s the progression of the tech. And you can have Voltron kill the other 2 with the Blazing Sword….


    Voltron. All the way. Saw it and now must buy it for myself. So thanks for making me spend money.