New Post Size, Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year celebration, to signigfy the new year, MCS is now moving from 500 pixel images to 700 pixel images.  it’s not a huge jump, but it’ll make things look bigger to you!

so what did you do for your new year eve party?  I stayed at home and pet my fish.

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    Cool, bigger is better. Hubby, #1 son and I were supposed to go to a friend’s house for NYE, but I’m still sick and don’t really want to go out wearing a mask, so…nada, we did nada. I did get a pretty good kiss though. 🙂


    Chilled at our friends house in Kauai, HA. Nothing crazy. Still stoked though. The end of 09 turned out to be full of good fortune for me. Keep on keeping on Tiki Mon. Great place you have here. Thanks! I could use a New Years kiss though. 🙁 Never had one of those. Congrats Nyokki. Party On MCS People. Although you are all probably guys because this is the internet… YUCK! Mo Bewbs and NSFW please.


    Friends house, wine and movies. Kinda boring, but ok.


    I studied Icelandic politics and watched porn. Then I had an energy drink and almost passed out because of my low blood pressure. All by myself. Bitches be crazy.


    Huh, go figure… I watched Icelandic porn and studied politics!


    i… drank



    fracked again

    Rock band/Guitar Hero with college buds and our wives. It is the one time a year that I play this kind of game, and I am amazed that Dead Kennedys has songs you can “play.” But Jello was never one to turn down a way to make a dollar.


    I got bitting by some kid.


    I hope you didn’t get rabies.