Colorful Car

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    There was a car around town like that when I lived in Huntsville, AL…


    I see the same car by my house everyday in Grand Rapids


    Thats a “Harlequin” Mk 3 Golf or GTI. I live outside Seattle and know of at least 2 within a couple miles of me.


    chrome car?

    joanne casey

    I saw one of these a few years ago, the owner told me it’s kinda like a sampler of all the available colours in that model.

    Kik Dogg

    All four of them?

    tiki god

    I know that my old F150 only came in about four different colors.


    That would be Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcar.


    reminds me of a shoe casemods would wear


    It’s like “early 90s fashion” as a car.

    dipso calypso

    Back in the 1990s, VW put out an advert for this car on April Fools Day as a prank. They had so many genuine enquiries they did it as a limited run; in the UK, on a model called the Polo, which is smaller than the Golf/Rabbit.

    hannah henning

    my dad has a car like this except the colors are switched around on the car