Wow, I almost had a heart attack tonight. Looking into my liquor cabinet, I found all sorts of vodka, tequila, and variously other liquor products, but not the nectar of my eye : Jack Daniels. Seriously, I almost cried! I do happen to happily to live about 30 seconds from an ABC liquor (literally, it’s two turns from my street, and about 300 feet down the road) but it was still stressful. Luckily I found a gallon of the stuff sitting on top of my fridge, so I’m in good shape. Whew.

Next Theme Day: (Start posting now!)
Do you have a collection of anything? Pogs? Baseball cards? Robots? Tube Socks? Take a picture of it, and submit it to MCS so we can mock praise you! I’ll be posting my two or three little ocd obsessions too, so you can feel free to join in.

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    Do you have a Costco nearby? Buy a crate of it, it stores fine as long as the bottles aren’t opened.


    mmm I like your taste.
    Lol at pr0n collections for theme day.


    Oh tiki you’re such a drunkard (:
    It’s bourbon though, and not scotch, as far my poor alcohol knowledge goes, aight? [Get drunk with 2 beers here, small ones]


    x_X dangit why’d i have to get rid of my pogs? =(