emails work now?

tl;dr I think I fixed the fact that the new speedy server wasn’t sending emails.

Turns out that for the longest time Google was rate limiting emails from the server because I didn’t have ssl (or really any kind of encryption).  My personal feelings aside about how every damn email in the world doesn’t need to be encrypted, this caused a varying number of emails to just not be delivered because google is a fucking Diva that demands everyone bow to their every whim.


So now we’re using a third party mail service that’s going to keep up with whatever esoteric nonsense the goog gets up to.  Those of you that have been locked out of your accounts should now be able to ask for your password and in a perfect world, you’ll get an email from tiki bot giving you a link to click.

If you have reason to try to get an email from site, give it a whirl.  There is one caveat though, in that we’re currently on a very small plan that’s pretty inexpensive, so there’s a chance that if too many of you try at once, we’ll be rate limited once again, though this time I think I’ll be notified and will be able to resend the messages.


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