The Weekly Legal Update

Just like last week, things are happening (good things!) but because of the nature of the things, there isn’t much that I can publicly say, other than that they are good things and we’re looking at the end of the tunnel here and it’s a bright white light and not fire an brimstone. Maybe by next Monday I’ll have an Official Legal Comment from the attorneys that are on the case. Maybe not.

What is a sure thing though is that we’ve spent an absolutely obscene amount of money thus far and only raised about 1/5 of the money needed to get this thing over the finish line. MCS has always just barely made enough to keep me drunk, so I guess it was a good thing I had to stop drinking back in February due to that heart / liver situation. I’m not even sure I would have made it through all this if I still had a resting BP of 200/150, so I guess that was fortuitous timing! If you’d like to throw a few dollars into the fund, the absolute best way is to paypal to or visit the MCS Legal Defense Fund donation page and make it a recurring donation then I’ll do my best to give you MCS+ for the duration! Stop by the discord channel if you don’t see the benefits of MCS+ within 24 hours of your donation!

The second best way is to join the MCS Patreon at any of the levels that you feel most comfortable.

The third way is to write a prayer to cthulhu and burn it so that the ashes land on his unwaking face.  As your residential minor deity, I’ll share his dreams of madness and be strengthened by them.

  • Malavika Mohanan

    Oh no

    Rekindle by artist Leon Tukker

    Barbara Palvin


  • Amy Adams

    Jayne Mansfield, 1957

    Adhesion [5120×2880] Animated version in the comments

    Margot Robbie

    So It’s Half-Past The Monkey’s Ass, Somewhere…

    They’re All Groomers

    Alice Eve

  • I…am a moron (oc)

    Yes I know it’s a spectrum

    Definitely buy more for 2024!

    Also some random worker in Bank

    Is this for real ?

    That’s not what he says

    All the companies Disney owns


    Selena Gomez

    Power Cores, done in 3DCoat and Blender :D

    None can stop me

    Megan Fox


    Gail Stanton, 1978

    Train V2 [2160×3840]

    How many animals get slaughtered for meat every day?

    Midnight [3840×2160]

    Madalina Ghenea

    Don’t squint your eyes

    KdoWr Stralsund Class Cruiser – Terran Mandate by Martechi

    Vulcan bros

    Cutting brick facade in stucco.

    Polish Special Mission Unit GROM operator [1003×1105]

    Please sir, I want some more (heat)