100,000 Posts!

This last weekend we hit 100,000 posts on the front page of MCS, I missed the actual anniversary because I was really really really drunk, then went to see Mickee Faust, it was great.

To those of you that have contributed, you’re the reason the site’s so awesome, and I love all of you! It’s only taken us about 10 years to get to this point, here’s to another ten glorious years!

For those of you that have not contributed yet, come on and join the club!


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    That’s 10 years I’m not getting back.


    wanna hug it out?
    no homo

    Jack will do that brother tiki.


    I’ve only contributed to this board a few times, but I’ve enjoyed it for years. I think it’s really great.


    There have been some really cool people over the years.


    (men cheering, women fainting, children waving multi-colored flags)


    Tiki love you long-time.

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