New htaccess, and whatnot

I’ve added a new rule to my .htaccess! before, it was just going to give hotlinkers a nice big X box when they tried to hotlink to any images on the site, but I realize that the best publicity is from people in forums and other like places… so I’ve changed it so that the image will show up, but with a nice lil watermark in the bottom corner saying where the file is from. Right now it’s not very pretty, in fact it’s hacked together, but soon, very soon it will be wonderful. beautiful. a thing of envy. Anyways, if you see an image that has the watermark on it, you can find it here on this site WITHOUT the watermark, cause none of these are mine, I just found them on the net. But shit, if you’re going to hotlink from me, I might as well get some credit for at least hosting the bitches. Anyways, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by just commenting on this post.

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