Server is on fire!

Great welcomes be upon to you! Apparently we were put up on Digg. And on Reddit. Oh, and Stumbled Upon just hit a new high for the site too. All during the same week I took out a advert, and while I love Dreamhost, they’re a shared website environment, so things go a little weird when one site out of the hundreds on a server starts to have the obscene traffic that MCS has received in the last 48 hours. So, I’m looking around to see what options I have.

Odds are good that I’m going to have to find a server for MCS, and leave my other twenty sites at Dreamhost. What other websites? I have a list prepared!

There’s really only two or three that get any serious amount of traffic, comiccovers, comic-images and MCS. So, MCS is going to have to move eventually. Until I figure out what I’m going to do, the site is going to remain where it’s at, and will still update, so fret not! And while you’re not fretting, add my RSS feed to your feed reader.

BTW, should I put bloglines in my htaccess so it doesn’t get watermarked?

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