MCS Identity Theft

I’ve taken steps to prevent any kind of identity theft on MCS.  It would appear that someone figured out that you could just type anything you wanted into the “display name as” field on your profile page, so while that’s still true, we won’t be using that data anywhere of note.

I’ve also linked all the commentor’s UIDs to their public profile page, where it’ll tell you their UID (again?) a link to their home page (again!) and will tell you exactly how many posts they’ve posted.  For the people that haven’t posted anything, it’ll actually tell you how many posts there are on MCS on the whole.

Anyways, that’s my good deed for the night.

Oh, and hotlinking is back on for google reader and bloglines.  lemme know if anything hinky goes on.

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    casemods UID# 667

    This has got to be like the 5th major exploit I’ve abused? lol


    all the more reason you should be banned!


    I’ll acknowledge that there’s a difference between actively being malicious and actively being a douche, but really…where’s the limit? The clicks can’t be worth all that, can they?


    I’m not sure sure. If malice is the desire to harm, and harm encompasses psychological damage and wrongdoing . . . from the standpoint of semantics, I respectfully disagree.

    I won’t even link you to his penis.


    Thank go that identity theft thing Is over. Noe we can get back to more pressing issues. My name is Clemont Okon, I am a Nigerian prince looking to transfer money to a secure bank account in the United States…


    Right here dude. I’ll help you out…

    casemods UID# 667

    make sure you get him to put his shoe on his head

    Jesus Christ

    Great, now everyone knows my shitty real username.


    Haha good point. I would have never known…

    More to the point:

    Casemods figured out something about the site no one else knew. you should all be ashamed.

    huh…I’m both surprised by how low my number is, and disappointed by how high it is….


    Tiki’s real name is admin? Whoa.


    I know. Uncanny, isn’t it?


    But this doesn’t work for NSFW apparently.


    Double the Dreth, double the dull.