I get email

I got this today:

From: Pepe Capel <pepecapel@gmail.com>
Hi, my name is Pepe. I have a successful blog in tumblr and i want to know what will you give to me if i put your ads in my blog. i like money and tshirts… please email me!!! thank you peace and love. pepe.
ps: da house www.lionearthquakelion.tumblr.com

From: Tiki God
you can pay $50 for ads per month for a small banner, minimum of 3 months.

From: Pepe Capel <pepecapel@gmail.com>
i said to put YOUR ads in MY BLOG.

From: Tiki God
why in the world woudl I want to advertise on your site?
Thanks but not thanks.

From: Pepe Capel <pepecapel@gmail.com>
i think you are an asshole. why in the world would i advertise your shitty site? sincerely yours, fuck off adam selvidge!!

From: Tiki God
You think I’m an asshole?  You emailed me, you cockless piece of shit, and you apparently tried to get me to advertise on your shitty tumble blog, which looks like a four year old retarded monkey put together.  What kind of cunt kicking piece of shit do you think I am?

You can take your “successful blog” that you don’t actually own any bit of (oh look at that, it’s actually hosted by tumblr) and shove it up your disease riddled ass hole.

UPDATE: He apologized! Is still a dick!

Pepe Capel <pepecapel@gmail.com>
i’ll save it for my lawyers, an email account contains personal and private mail that you can’t publish without my content, even if you are the person i emailed.

ps: delete all my info out of your blog NOW
ps2: any other actions against my facebook account, tumblr account, gmail account or any other account will have legal consequences
ps3: i emailed you, but you started this war with your “why in the world woudl I want to advertise on your site?”. Why in the world? I would prefer just a fucking NO THANKS. stop it, please.

From: Tiki God
aw, go suck a dick, you piece of dick cheese.  you want to initiate
contact with me and insult me and then get sand all up in your vag
when you’re called out on it?

Your email isn’t private you stupid shit.  Take all the legal
consequences you want, but seeing as you don’t appear to be able to
set up a site on your own, and have to resort to using a third party
service, I have doubts that you would even known how to find a lawyer
in the yellow pages.  You chose to publish your email on facebook,
just like you chose to publish it for google to see.  And then you
chose to email someone demanding money, as if we had a prior
established relationship.  Well fuck that, and fuck you.

Once I get a summons or order from a judge I’ll take your “info” down.
Or maybe you can apologize about being a douche.  You’ll notice that
I was never rude to you, until you started flinging around highschool
insults that had me quaking in my socks (yeah bitch, I don’t wear

In fact, I’m going to CC my legal team on this, if/when you decide to
press charges for your hurt feelings, feel free to email them too.

–Adam Selvidge

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    Fair play Tiki, fair play


    this is fantastic




    I love you, Tiki.


    Wow,you`re the guy from Mythbusters!


    So….any chance of maybe luring casemods to HIS shitty site so that he’ll leave us the hell alone here?


    I try not to look for them.

    Luke Magnifico

    We should destroy his precious tumblr somehow.

    I don’t really know how these things work but it seems like it’d be a fun thing to do.

    Luke Magnifico

    Or at least cause him slight inconvenience.


    Post all of Case’s shit on there. Copy pasta FTW.


    Better yet, send him Casemods.


    That would be the best case scenario.


    should have written this with a sunglasses pause



    Totally didn’t catch it when I replied earlier.


    Nice pun.


    Tiki 1 – Pepe 0


    Hehe, his name is “Pee Pee”


    Pee Pie?


    Ha, half the front page of his “blog” is stuff posted here in the last few days.


    tiki, you should totally email and apologize, that-a-ways you can get him off guard and all trusty. then troll the shit out of him like one would a nigerian email scammer


    anybodies got the address of his retard site?


    Tiki your my hero.


    Perhaps I should email him with the same offer for my site 😀


    It first I thought this was a “Do Not Reply: E-mails from an Asshole” story, but it was Tiki punking out a no talent doughebag. Fucking A Tiki, put the little bitch in his place!


    I think he’s tring to rip off M[c]S.
    we must ruin pepes life.
    Have no mercy.


    to Pepe’s leters: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lame. Ass. Douchebag. … Did I leave out eogtistical, narcissistic, and ass-cocked?

    to Tiki’s replies: Tiki… you sir, are my undying hero. Teach me your ways.


    Did anyone else notice that the three of the most recent picture posts on his site (Lion Earthquake whatever) have been on M[c]S not long ago (Man’s Breakfast, Panda, Chicken Wrestling)?!


    A lot of sites I usually go to rip M[c]S off like their lives depend on it (come to think of it…).

    Still, gotta admire the nerve on that Pepe fellow for trying. Balls that big usually come with their own flatbed. Of course you realise his balls in particular turn out to be of the inflatable variety a single tiny prick is enough to pop. Throwing tiki gods at them is overkill. Sadly, balls that big don’t always come with a brain to match. Case in point.


    I find pictures enter the web about the same time, and i often see the same ones on the different sites I visit.
    No way to tell who steals from who though, I mean this site doesn’t create all the images it posts, so who knows who had it first.

    As far as Pepe goes, it is kinda funny how he’s trolling around trying to make a buck. I wonder if he offers Pepe+ staus for donators?


    That could be said of some pictures, and I have to admit to having seen some pictures featured on M[c]S on one site or another first on occasion, but then some sites credit M[c]S as a source a few days later and it even cascades sometimes (with no credit given).


    lol, his picture on his blog is teh fucking lolz

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ” seeing as you don’t appear to be able to set up a site on your own, and have to resort to using a third party service,” Says the guy using WordPress and open source add ons! You’r eboth just on very basic blog CMS’s. And both suck balls. Anyway this guy looks like a fucking queer. 29.media.tumblr.com/avatar_baaf57725df5_128.png What kind of pussy ass cries about his email. No he has no legal grounds here. Not even in the most communist of communist china could he angle a case out of being outted as a douchefag. Besides he can censor the… Read more »


    “In fact, I’m going to CC my legal team on this, if/when you decide to
    press charges for your hurt feelings, feel free to email them too.”

    Only the DA / DPP / Prosecutors decide whether to formally charges or not

    Outside of criminal, there’s tort law, and no one ever gets sued for publishing emails

    tl;dr: Don’t worry tiki he’s probably too poor to afford a legal team.


    ….. how did i manage to copy that when i wanted “i’ll save it for my lawyers” ???

    that weed i smoked two days ago was crazy

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ya but hosting is a matter of picking one out

    setting it up is tailoring it using the built in CMS

    don’t get me wrong you’ve done a lot with a little but seeing as for funsies I’ve taken programming courses and when bored build those kinds of add ons as custom functions I take a little exception to the whole open source bullshit.

    Yes you can get a site by slapping a bunch of pre made shit together

    No it will not fit your needs exactly.


    You risk the wrath of a tiki god.


    This I can attest to. Hosting your own blog is a different animal from having it hosted for you.

    Nonetheless, did you have to be that hard on the poor bloke? lol


    I hope that is not the best pic he could find of himself. I’m all about showing my pics as-is, but yeah…no.


    He changed his pic to a middle finger.


    We the jury find the defendant, Tiki God, not guilty. Furthermore, we find the plaintiff guilty on the charge of attempting to commit douchebaggery, and award the defendant 1,000,000 internets, to be paid by the plaintiff immediately.


    Man, this brings back memories of the people I would deal with on MSN, Faceparty and Spinchat Chat rooms.

    Of course, 2 hours of back and forth obnoxious banter, nitpicking on grammar or orthography and not-so-witty reparté got tiring over time.


    I love you, Tiki.


    Fuck you, I want to fuck him.


    Tiki = Win [Epic win]

    Retard = fail

    This is awesome, so good it had to be read twice.


    One of these days I’ll be able to be that much of an asshole to even more asshole-y types.

    Jesus Christ

    Tiki forgot to say: WE’RE HIS LEGAL TEAM.


    Tiki, you need to chill. You’ll give yourself some sort of condition.

    That being said, do you want to advertise on my website?


    /b/ would have a lot of fun with this guy.


    oh god yes… god, tiki, you need to tell this guy that he can get fantastic legal advise on /b/.



    this guy is brain damaged…

    sez the guy with the three-inch hole in his skull… 8)


    Swooped him.
    Nice job Tiki!


    Haha, this almost beats the Tiki Gor Thief guy. Nicely done.


    I chuckled.


    holy crap Tiki is BATMAN!


    OMG, looks like he discovered mspaint.

    Hey peepee, lurk moar, it’s “pwnd” dunbass.


    What a Lollercaust.


    wheres the tits


    By some internet miracle, his email address will be registered to 100+ smut porn sites before the day is over.

    Enjoy, Pikashoop fag.


    Holy shit this cum drip lives less than ten miles from me!


    Holy shit! Where are you? I’m between Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs.


    That can’t be right, when I clicked it , it said he lived in the town next to me. Yes, that means he’s supposedly from Puerto Rico. Which I doubt.


    When you clicked on the above link? Damn, I thought I might actually meet another MCSer.


    Apparently when it doesn’t find any info it just throws you off with a nearby location.

    But if you search my e-mail, it’ll show mostly the info on Blogger’s Profile.


    Well that sucks!