16 ounce beer

did you know that they make beer bottles in the 16 ounce variety?   that’s TWICE the 8oz, and um 4oz more then the standard 12oz beer bottle.   It makes me feel not so guilty, unlike the 32 ounce bottle, which I just…uhhh

so, I drank some yuengling.   Anyone else like this too?


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    24oz bottles are also common. And then there are the eponymous 40oz bottles.

    Yuengling’s mostly crap, though.


    I like Yuengling. If I get the choice, I usually go for that. Or Heineken. But that’s just me. And I had no idea about the size or quantity of the beer. When we buy, we usually go for the same thing.

    t-rex jesus

    tiki god, stfu and stop posting this crap! No one cares when you grow pair and drink a beer. Go back to posting pics of chicks with fine tits.


    yuengling isn’t to bad I’d rather have some Dead Guy Ale though. Nice dark Ale.


    LOL, you’re obviously not in Canada…
    Some of our beer bottles are quite filling…


    Yuengling’s Lager and Black & Tan is good stuff, don’t get it much since I’m not on the East Coast…


    Flying Dog Pale Ale FTW!

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