MCS has a new subdomain!

Due to the popularity of his posts, I’ve given casemods his own subdomain, just in case you want to see more of the case:

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    tiki, i love you. i thought the nsfw cut would work, but of course you made it epic


    OMG what if you made an M[c]S- instead of M[c]S+, so people could pay a subscription to see him! you can never have too many revenue streams

    Kik Dogg




    wait a fucking minute, here. can you make it so that you have to click thru to see the posts like the NSFW subdomain? i mean srsly. 1/2 the front page is 40 views of him in a fucking bl… YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY HERE GODDOMMOT


    Ma botha.


    Does he have his own Encyclopedia Dramatica page yet?


    Search results
    From Encyclopedia Dramatica

    You searched for CASEMODS (all pages starting with “CASEMODS” | all pages that link to “CASEMODS”)
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    No page title matches

    There is no page titled “CASEMODS”.
    For more information about searching Encyclopedia Dramatica, see Help.


    How do I delete my M[c]S account?


    So… wasn’t he… banned?
    And now… he has his own section




    Does this section come with a new RSS feed?


    I sincerely hope that Casemods is at least giving you copious oral sex, Tiki.


    This is like the greatest thing I’ve seen in my life ever.


    Personally, I applaud the man.
    He is an inspiration to trolls everywhere, and really we’ve done little but encourage him to stick around. His posts have never been particularly crude, and yet half of the people on this website seem to be offended deeply.
    If nothing else, the responses to his postings are particularly lolworthy. Its only a picture of a jacket/bicycle/other mundane scenario, calm down people.
    Good Job Casemods, you get a hat tip from me


    This. I mean, he has a face that makes me want to ram it repeatedly with a spiked club, but he really hasn’t done anything to offend anyone. Good work on the trolls, dude. You just come of as a massive jerk.

    /still want to ram your face with a spiked club.


    leaving out the fact that he is a gigantic faggot (because i have no problem with that; it’s very entertaining to see.), the problem is that he shits all over the place. and you can only step in shit so many times before you RAGE. if you haven’t been to the forums, then you only know about 1/3 of the story. his cancer really shows through there.

    but srsly, his posts are always the same: 20 snapshots of an american wasteland from 3 different angles.


    Also, some of his comments have been truly inappropriate, so much so that tiki had to delete his comments. If you didn’t happen to be be of the first to see it, you’ll not even know it happened.
    The forums were a whole different matter. His spamming was ridiculous.


    I just laughed for a whole minute straight

    Audio Bot

    his posts are “popular” because everyone is making fun of him and his lack of style, and his gay vulcan haircut


    Oh fuck you I thinks Iz an idiot?


    I feel left out. I think I’m the only one here who doesn’t know who he is. 😐


    Don’t be, you are so lucky.


    Oh no, now his e-peen has growth from 8 micrometers to 1mm! Quick warn Japan, they now have worse problems than godzilla! 😛


    So if he has his own subdomain, does this mean he can GTFO of this domain? Please. Thank You.


    Hooray for segregation! 😀


    We’re all casemods now


    We’ll see how this plays out in a month or so. W/ his own sub-domain will most bother clicking through? At first, definitely…

    Kik Dogg

    Can’t see me clicking through much. I know what a shoe and a dog humping faggot look like.


    And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour…


    I hate the fuck out of casemods, but I have to say… Bravo, sir.


    Tiki… you rock dude lol

    Casemods, grats man. You’ve reached a new level in trolldom. I salute you.

    withered spyryt

    Bwahahahahah…… Fuckin Epic!!!!! Casemods FTW!!


    Fuck you tiki. I mean seriously man, fuck you. This dumbass is hated by the entire site, considered a massive troll, hated some more, and then banned. The fucker makes a ton of sock-puppet accounts to avoid his ban, breaking a basic rule of all other sites, and continues to be hated by everyone. After this, you give him his own fucking domain? Really?! Shit man. Now, I sure as hell wasn’t bitter up until this point, but for fuck sakes, you give this annoying shit his own domain and you completely ignore me after I win your goddamn contest… Read more »


    I really don’t care what reasons Tiki may have had to give him his own domain, whether it was from sheer stupidity or to stop having his posts appear on the main page.


    God Dammit. I come back 6 months later to this shit?