Everything is ok

You may now all submit SAFE FOR WORK posts and NOT SAFE FOR WORK posts.  You’ll know which page you’re on by the glaring favicon up by the URL.  RED=NSFW and white=safe for work!  You can find the submit pages on the respective headers of both the www and the nsfw sites.

Also, there’s going to be two different queues running, one for SFW and one for NSFW.  I promise that both will be interesting, I’m about to start seeding the NSFW one so that it’ll be full up for a while, but I’d like to get some help from you valuable people in this regards as well.  it’s open season over there, porn, penetrations, wtf, anything and everything, but no gore please.

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    No I can’t
    ” You (TGGeko) do not currently have permissions to use this form.”


    You (Demon) do not currently have permissions to use this form.


    SFW page I get – You (Demon) do not currently have permissions to use this form.

    NSFW page I get – You (Demon) do not currently have permissions to use this form.


    If I just click on “submit an image” on the main page, instead of trying to go thru “my submissions”, I get the normal submission page BUTTTTT, it`s missing one important thing. The little boxes that I put my jpegs in and click SUBMIT.
    The little boxes are gone. *sniff*


    “do you see anything on my side that looks suspicious?”

    empty whiskey bottles?
    I`m kidding.

    Didja read my idea about having an MCS RESTORE to 6 months ago?
    I don`t think anything else will work.


    I`m willing to post tits to make it happen.
    Who`s with me, girls?!?!?!!!


    I am not against posting my junk, but I do not think that will help.




    Thanks Nyokki, that`s what I was trying to say above about the little gray boxes not being there.


    I will submit tons and tons.
    you get boner, yes?


    I got a few in, but now I keep getting “internal server error” again.


    I can’t see my own picture posts. Annoyed.


    I want to edit!!


    Damn I am demanding. hahaha


    I like the 1,2,3,4 year ago option; it gives old posts more life and allows further commentingness.

    +/- 🙁

    Forums “OMG Word Association” still does not show my recent entries unless I’m signed in; and does not bump to top of page when I do make an entry.

    The rest is working well for me, I use WinXP and Firefox.

    Oh! I seem to be missing 956 forum reputation points, any chance you could add them in? 😀


    Lost drop down comments (on the front page) again.