There are 7,000 posts left to tag!

There are 129 days remaining until my deadline, and with only 7,000 posts left, I’ll need to do 54.264 posts per day to be done in time.  There was literally nothing interesting in this last 1,000 posts that I tagged.  It was mind numbing and stupid, but now I’m 1,000 posts closer to zero.

Besides doing this I’ve been playing through Dead Island, which was one heck of a game, I ended up really enjoying it, except for that stupid end battle.  that was dumb.


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    I suggest skipping the DLCs and just get Dead Island: Riptide. They fixed the battle mechanics and the plot actually sort of make sense. It’s what the first game should have been.


    [off topic]now that myspace is irrelevant… you ever consider renaming this face[confined]book?… jw[/off topic]

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