SFW RSS Feed is now 12 hours DELAYED

Effective immediately, the SFW rss feed is going to have a 12 hours delay built in to it.

This is due to my inability to properly moderate images.

My apologies to anyone that saw a naked person and did not want to see it, you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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    It’s cool… I wanted to see it! LOL


    there’s a facebook page?!


    That’s sorta like saying cancer didn’t like it.


    I thought the big reason you needed to keep NSFW content off the main page was because of the ad network (Google Ads).
    does FB drive that much traffic here (or the Reddit page for that matter)?


    That sucks man. On the one hand and having lots of content is good, but you don’t need shit like that happening.

    Once you have that situation under control, I’m wondering if as the image blog of record: that since all of the studies that showed hydroxychloroquine being ineffective and / or dangerous having been rejected if you will be updating those posts.


    Actually there were several studies, including a large French one that showed benefits.