Drunk Tiki

What is this?

what could it be?

TWG Sites

my very own playground of image posting?  say it ain’t so!

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    It ain’t so, it’s MY playground


    A playground for stealing images that I stole from /b/?


    NK, Tiki is sick of your shit.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why is there… different to here?

    Luke Magnifico

    Also, every time a website uses a watermark a Playboy bunny goes down a cupsize.


    Does this divert your random-image-posting activities from here? To there? That actually limits the potential of M[C]S, doesn’t it? And here I was thinking DrunkTiki was going to UP the quality of M[C]S by creating a new, isolated outlet for your, “Oh, man. I should post my entire Emma Watson folder AT ONCE.” days.

    Kik Dogg

    Meh. Too hard to comment. No gravatar for speedy log in. No forums.

    Plus, repoast.


    And its just as slow as the rest of your sites. Congrats.

    Luke Magnifico

    Ah now lads. I think it’s lovely. Good work tiki.