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Minor programming notes:

1 – added the ability to log in with various social media sites.  All of them should only be looking for your email address and permission to use their services to log in.  If you already have an account on MCS and want to take advantage of it, you have a couple options: A – log in with your MCS account and attach your social media account on your profile page or B – if you have the same email on both MCS and social account, just log in with the social one.  it should be smart enough to automatically attach itself but YMMV.

2 – changed out the ad provider yet again.  The previous one had popups, videos and paid 1/10 of the one prior to that, so I’m pretty interested in finding one to pay the server bills.

3 – speaking of paying the bills, I spend a good bit of my life curating the stuff that shows up here.  Thinking of setting up a Patreon account, but that seems really fucking ausentacious, and I have no clue what the interest would be.  obviously I would set a level for people to be MCS and to just remove all ads on the site completely at another.


Thoughts on these things?   I thought I was going to be able to download and play some Destiny tonight, but an hour and a half later, I’m still only at 15% download, so I guess I can forget that.

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    …something broke


    “added the ability to log in with various social media sites.” I don’t see it in the profile page. Is Disqus there ? “I’m pretty interested in finding one to pay the server bills.” I think to do that, you need a shitload of users, or at least pageviews, “hits”, and you won’t have those by annoying them with ads, slow loading time, and permanent SNS(omething’s)FU, among other things. “Thinking of setting up a Patreon account…” Don’t really know how it works, but since that crowd funded, Oculus Rift FB sellout, I think people are more cautious. Also, profiting from… Read more »


    “why in the holy fuck are you trying to upload a 10 megabyte gif?”
    Because I’ve made it, and uploaded big ones before.


    why not?