Effects of online casino on regular in-house casinos 

The history of casino gambling is a truly fascinating one, littered with all manner of technological innovation, as well as a fair amount of tension between global authorities too. Something that might be surprising to learn is the fact that the first genuine land-based casino was only established in 17th century Venice, with all other gambling before this taking place in non-official places that were often at loggerheads with the law enforcement forces.

This all quickly changed after the Venetians opened up their first year round casino establishment called the Casino di Venezia, and before long Europe was home to countless similar institutions. Fast-forward several hundred years, however, and casinos can now quite literally be found anywhere, something that is largely down to the emergence of online casino. Read on to find out the effects of online casino on regular in-house casinos. 

Technological innovation in online casino bleeds into in-house casinos 

One majorly positive thing about the emergence of online casino over the last few decades is that it has inspired land-based casinos to also make technological advancements in a range of fields. Perhaps the best place to see this is in the domain of slot machines, with the online slot industry also pushing land-based slot developers to make their games as exciting as possible. 

It isn’t just with slots, however, as traditional casino gamblers are starting to see all manner of new technologies in their traditional gambling haunts. Just consider the rise of super modern gambling terminals from the likes of Storm Gaming Technology – going to the casino has never been so fun! 

More gamblers look to gamble online 

Obviously, if you make it easy for people to gamble online from the comfort of their own home, you would expect to see a slight drop off of people actually going to physical land-based casinos. The online casino market has definitely encouraged lots of players to do their gambling online, and you cannot really blame them when you consider the innate practicality of this. 

So, online casino may well have taken some customers from the traditional in-house casino gambling sphere, however as we will see, it has also contributed to this too. 

Online casino eventually attracts brand new gamblers to in-house casinos 

The great thing about online casino is that it has made casino gambling so much more accessible to a wider range of people, something that in turn means that there are many new gamblers entering the casino sphere in the 21st century. 

Whilst not all of them will ever set foot in a brick and mortar casino, this increased number of gamblers has succeeded in drawing more customers to the market. So, in a way brick and mortar casinos should be thanking online casino sites for attracting more gamblers, not the other way around. 

In-house casino jackpots rise along with online casino jackpots 

Online casino jackpots are only getting bigger and bigger, and this has a knock-on effect on in-house casino jackpots, that have been increasing in relation to this.

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