It’s Halloween 2018!

It’s Halloween you fools!


Are you planning on dressing up?  going out to a party?


what’s your plan for the devil’s night?


Me?  I’ll be sitting in my drive way handing out glowsticks and candy while telling all the kids they have the best costumes in the whole world.

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    i’m dressing up as a shadow and going to play bullroarer and thunder-sheets at the birthday party for the Fremont Troll, otherwise known as Trolloween. 👻 👿


    the bullroarer broke before i had the chance to use it in the performance. fortunately i had my foghorn as a backup. 😉


    The kids love my light-up Ghostbuster costume.


    Slow Halloween in our neck of the woods this year two. Not even a dozen kids. Now I got all these boxes of chocolates and chips to eat. Come to think of it, not all that much of a downside.


    We had 120 kids in 80 minutes. That’s when I ran out of candy.

    Granted, it’s a very walk-able neighborhood with zero drive though traffic.

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