Needs more images

I realize it’s in the middle of the summer and half of you are too busy getting drunk and getting fucked, but grab some funny pictures or something and post them to MCS!  There’s currently three different ways to submit content, and it’s totally confusing to read, but easy to understand:

  1. Main Site wordpress editor (mcs+ users only!)
  2. Main Site submission engine (everyone!)
  3. MCS+ wordpress editor (everyone sorta!) don’t use this, it’s not cross posting yet

I’m still testing the stuff, there’s a fair bit of shitty code that everyone can see still, but everyone should be able to create posts and images there.  Right now it’s a quasi crossposter, in that it’ll cross post a single image and none of the post’s actually content, so that’s shitty.

Anyways: images, post them!

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    Where’s my -9001 permakarma ?


    No, I’m not talking about one staring all my recent submissions.


    Guess that’s a no.


    If -9001 is too much, how about permanent -2000. We’re coming up on it as we speak.


    Got -70 since yesterday. Think fast.


    Guess that’s a no too.

    i been playing slutty modded skyrim


    Also, since yesterday my NSFW comment is (yet again) “chilling”:


    give the good old banhammer
    he’s been doing this kind of shit for years


    [b]1.[/b] Yes, I try to uphold m[c]s high standards for years.
    [b]2.[/b] Says “The Pony Express”.