Halo: ODST anyone? Also, I’m on Google+

I’m in need of finishing off some niggling achievements in Halo: ODST, namely, 4 of the firefight achivements, and I need YOUR help!  Add me on xbox live: tgiokdi and let’s get this ODST party started!  One thing that kills me about this game is that there’s no matchmaking, uggggh.

Also, I’m on Google Plus now, feel free to add me to one of your circles.

What, you’re not on G+ yet?  email me and I’ll see how many invites I can get out before I hit my limit.

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    I need to get the needler achievements on ODST and Halo 3 so that I can get those armors unlocked on Reach through Waypoint, but I’m at work so doobie dah dah dope.

    casemods UID# 667

    google + is shit

    100% hype

    cashmods is shit
    100% fag


    You have my email… Send it bitch. Although I am on 1 social network… Too much work to join another.

    Luke Magnifico

    How the fuck do you post on peoples’ pages?


    you don’t. you tag them. part of the difference between MySpace/Facebook is the privacy. and there is NO WALL. (just explained this to a friend) that is on purpose.


    you do have your own wall….