Heading to Nashville

going to be flying into nashville late tonight and will be there all day tomorrow.  What kind of trouble can I get into in that city?


Today, I had three interviews, an epic 8 hour meeting, a few drinks, a nice salmon dinner and then came back to my room to surf the internets.  Did not get into any trouble, and now I have a 4AM flight to catch, so I’m going to head to bed, yay?

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    pick a local bar. pick a local. pick a fight. post the pics.


    Surprise Buttsecks?


    “Nashvegas”… The Ryman Auditorium, old home of the Grand Old Opry. Even if you don’t like country- that theater is a HUGE piece of history. Also The NEW Grand Old Opry, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. They have a replica of the Pantheon, which was pretty cool. And I went to a small car museum. It has Conway Twitty’s AMC Pacer. The Star of the Show! LOL


    Since you are a cracker… challenge the locals to a grammar and pronunciation contest.

    That should be “epic”.