No alcohol for me


Just found out that my triglycerides levels were WAAAAY off from where they should be. I’ve already lost about 15 pounds this year, but the doc says that I should loose another 100, stop drinking completely and then stop eating any fatty or processed foods.

Anyone else out there that can help me out with food options? I’m eating carrots and green beans, I know those will prevent my heart from rupturing, but holy fuck, it is boring to not drink and to have to eat fucking salads.


Also, I really want to make the ‘author’ pages on this site more….”you” related, with blogs and shit like that.

Thoughts on Food or blogs?

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    I know nothing about food or drink, my parents taught me none of those


    Professor Ratbaggy

    I’m not suggesting going vegan, but for some brilliant recipes and ideas for what to do with veges, have a look at — their slogan is “Thug Kitchen — EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A FUCK”

    Seriously, becoming handy in the kitchen is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    See also


    I never worried about my midichlorian level, so why should you?


    Rattbaggy has it right. Not sure what your cooking level is at, but upping it is the easiest way to eat healthier. You cook it, you know what is in it. Just that simple.

    As for the no boozeohol, I can only begin to imagine your pain. Sure I would rather have my finger nails pulled out then stop drinking.

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Thanks.  And, yes, you certainly wouldn’t want to stop drinking before having your fingernails pulled out!


    Pay attention to how many carbohydrates you’re eating. Read nutrition labels. try to put it between 120-200g/day. Not so few that you go into ketosis and feel shitty, despite what the ketards say. There are some low-carb, high-fiber tortillas you can get at the store that are pretty good. Get some ham or turkey, light/fat-free cream cheese, and a little good brown mustard and roll that shit up. Protein, fiber, a little fat and very few carbs. Don’t eat six at a time. Cook more. Got a gas grill? Even a portable camping grill with a small gas tank is… Read more »


    Awesome, good start. and those mio things in water will help keep you hydrated, which is important. i’m lucky that there’s a lemon tree outside that I can grab from any time and flavor the fuck out of some water. or i have a sodastream thing that i make fizzy water and add lemon to when I’m feelin’ the need for fizz. i also get the single-serving powder packets to add to bottled water. target has some good ones that are cheap. the lime margarita is pretty good imo. they have some good mio knockoffs that are cheaper too. i… Read more »


    Heya man. I’m a big fan of cooking for one’s self without all the hoojiboojey BS come join a cult and rub blue mud in your belly button stuff. The main trick is to figure out what dishes you like best at what restaurants and figure out how to make them at home. The next step is to get out and try different cuisines, which means trying out different restaurants. Do your research on what is served at the join and balance it with your normal tastes and what you’re doing to push your boundaries. Indian, Thai, Greek, Italian, all… Read more »

    Although doctors agree that, for most people, moderate alcohol consumption is good for the heart, alcohol increases triglyceride levels in some people. People affected by alcohol in this way are called responders. To determine if you are a responder, avoid all alcohol for 2 to 3 weeks, then have your triglyceride levels checked again.


    Drugs are always an option. You might not live a longer life, but you’ll live a fuller life thanks to Chemistry.


    I’m in the same boat. I dropped my levels so much I got a high five from my doctor. I live alone, and I have been eating at Panda Express. They have a healthier menu nowadays. I get the stir fried chicken options, and have the mixed veggies for the side. I lost 40 pounds last year. I stay away from sodium, fats, carbs. Mostly- if it’s white, I don’t eat it. no white bread, white rice, noodles, etc.