bad news today

I got some shitty news today, after I had a pretty awesome week last week.

Convince me to not just give it all up and become a hermit.

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    Go look in a mirror and repeat to yourself:

    “I am not casemods.”

    Have a nice day.



    hermit the frug

    I object to this hermit-phobia. Hermits are perfectly normal if wildly sociopathic people. Being a hermit should not, under any circumstances, be considered a bad thing or something to be ashamed of, or something to aspire to for that matter. And if you’re feeling down, just sing a happy song, think happy thoughts, and kick a politician in the nuts. Or casemods. You can kick casemods in the nuts too. In fact, do both things: kick a politician and casemods in the nuts. If that doesn’t make you happy, you’re not doing it right. So keep doing it until happiness… Read more »


    An excellent plan except for two mistakes.

    One- casemods has no balls.
    Two- casemods has no balls.

    I realize that, technically, that is only one mistake. However, it seems like such a large mistake, I thought it should be said twice.


    you don’t have a brain injury.


    Hopefully next week will be better for you, man.


    I don’t even wanna know what your shitty news is.


    Well, that didn’t work…it’s almost like those ‘reversepsychology’ tags do nothing!

    This might cheer you up: There’s a queue of porn on the NSFW side awaiting your inspection/approval.


    Who is your host ? I had this same issue. I went into the cpanel and did the update from there after I ran into this problem. The second install exempt via cpanel worked.


    I might add that a good site cloner plug(
    or for multi sites : and database backup plug ( will are great things to look into if you don’t have them already installed.


    business as usual, nobody panick


    ^^^ cancer


    Casemods. Cashmods. Nobody-knows. OverlyManlyMan. Time to create a new alt, boy.


    At least Casemods was secure in his masculinity.


    You must be new here.


    I can fix it, but it’ll mean breaking other shit.



    Hermits see no boobies.


    Well… grandpa had two sayings that always helped me in times of trouble… “Put it off till tomorrow, boy, you’ve made enough mistakes for today” and “just keep smiling, boy…it’ll make everybody wonder what your up to”. But maybe wistfuld said it best, ” hermits see no boobies”….that’s some pretty heavy shit, man!