I survived Hurricane Michael

Here’s the latest from my city:

Update as of 6:00pm Thursday

  • No reported serious injuries.
  • Began the day with more the 90% without power.
  • Thousands of trees are down and have caused widespread damage and blocked roads
  • Road clearing has been a priority focus today. All major roads are now passable. Road clearing efforts are now focused on neighborhoods.
  • 61% of traffic signals are active and crews continue to deploy backup generators for signals without power. Expect 100% coverage by Friday morning.
  • Citizens are still encouraged to stay off of the road tonight.
  • 28 mutual utilities are in Tallahassee providing assistance.
  • Repairs to transmission, substation and distribution circuits are occurring simultaneously.
  • Hopkins Unit 2 is being restarted to support the new load once circuits are energized.
  • Repairs to the 230kv transmission tie to Southern Company have been completed. Awaiting clearance to close the interconnection from Southern Company. Estimated clearance at 6pm.
  • Coordination with nursing homes and assisted living facilities continues.
  • Facilitated back-up generation for the Tapestry Senior Living on Lakeshore Dr.
  • Expect significant customer restoration tonight as repairs are completed.
  • No physical damage has been found at Purdom Power Plant. PP8 is ready to return to service.
  • TPD continues to operate with enhanced staffing providing support. No public safety issues to report.
  • Business are quickly reopening. Target, Walmart, Publix, numerous restaurants, Home Depot, Walgreens, Costco, etc.

I’ve survived just fine, several of my neighbors have had trees come down, but it seems like no one has had any serious damage to their property, just 100 year old oaks and 200 foot pine trees falling down all over the place. I went out with my beagle yesterday to survey the damage and it looks like there’s at least 3 different power lines that have to be repaired in my neighborhood alone before I’ll have power again. I have no clue what will need to be done outside of my neighborhood, I’m told that there’s several lines still in the road on the main drag.

As you can see, I’m really roughing it out here. I’m going to venture out later today for some more supplies (beer), but for the moment I’m going to enjoy the cool temperatures and strong coffee.

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    Robert Neville has no shit on you, Tiki.