Instant File uploads!

there is a new way to upload images to MCS, you’ll see it in the side bar and on the submit image page. You can upload up to 100 images at a time, and it’s a simple drag and drop operation.

Next, I’m going to make it so rejected posts show up on your own author page.

And then I’m going to make it so you can submit images via email.

what what, wasabi in the butt!

I need your help in testing this out though, please try it out and let me know how it goes. Images submitted through this new system won’t have your name attached to them, but will be “submitted” by tikibot.

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    Can’t see shit, Tiki. At least not in FF. Tried to unblock stuff in NoScript, but so far no luck. I do see it in Opera.
    Will keep you posted.


    It wasn’t NoScript, it was ABP. Guess it doesn’t like DropBox, or something.
    Tried to upload a 2+ MB .gif, via the multiple files “feature”: “Error: Problem with uploaded file!”. In Opera it doesn’t upload at all.



    it didn’t work, 100 +

    Dyon 86

    Did 2 multi drops, 1st batch went, 2nd batch still stuck (14 pics, 2.2mb, so not too large).

    Dyon 86

    cheers, yea the porcelain things and just sent the 2nd batch again, cameleon stuff. sent the “goat bits” as well to test single pic upload. all working.


    i posted the one graphic that has been rejected 4 times previously (i still don’t know why, it’s not NSFW or NESFW): the first time it got stuck about 30% of the way into the upload, and froze. the second time, it appeared to upload fine, but i can’t find any sign of it, anywhere, including my author page or my list of upcoming submissions.


    yes, i’m talking about the man/woman clown thing, and it DOES NOT have ANYTHING LIKE nipples showing. it’s obviously your perverted sense of sexuality that is causing you to think that… 😐

    and it also doesn’t answer why it didn’t show up when i submitted it as NSFW, either.

    and it has still not shown up in my submissions, despite the fact that i submitted it “anonymously”…



    It looks it’s not only me. Will try again when you work out the bugs.

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