Let’s Talk About The Future

Yesterday, I lost my day job. I was fired for some rather dubious reasons, but it boiled down to the fact that someone on the board of directors didn’t like the fact that I had a job, so they lobbied to correct that situation, and thus I find myself wondering how I’m going to make my next mortgage payment, or how I’m going to buy my next beer (answer, no beer until I’m back in the work force).

That being said, now that I’m temporarily unemployed, I’m going to devote much more time to the various websites that I have created and just let coast, including www.internet-d.com www.movieties.com and www.myconfinedspace.com My first task to to create a new “landing page” for mcs. This also means TIMELY posts on internet-d and movieties, so please feel free to visit those sites.

Another thing this means? I’m going to be in the MCS chatroom MUCH more, and I’m going to need people to talk to, so feel free to swing on by. This is going to be a full time gig for a while, so starting 8:30am EST until

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    I lost my job recently as well. I think we should take some mushrooms and giggle like girls.


    I got divorced once and did that.

    I don’t recall it helping much.


    Isn’t it strange when people get fired, or thrown out of bars or arrested, they have no idea why, haven’t done anything wrong and it’s all some assholes fault. The unemployment lines and jails are filled with innocent bystanders who were just minding their own business. Eh. Just sayin.


    That sucks, but at least you’re focusing on doing something constructive in the meantime.

    On your other sites, I’d focus on whether or not they are individual enough from the others to keep. For example, drunk-tiki is pretty much all stuff from here but with less formatting. If you want to try and up the hits on some of them, maybe offer MCS+ for people who contribute valid and useful content to the other sites, rather than just flooding comic images with ponies (I’m looking at you coon!)


    Sucks to be down on your luck… But it’s rarely luck. Hope isn’t a strategy. I’d happily have donated back in the day, which I’m sure would have eased your current situation had you planned correctly, but you ignored the whole casemods issue and how he was ruining the site. SO, meh. Deal with it. I’ve basically moved on to 9gag and /b/ now anyway, due to that bs.

    tl;dr: pay attention to your users/audience. Listen to their needs. You’ll have your own soon enough.


    how did you miss the fact that he’s not around anymore?


    “I’ve basically moved on to 9gag and /b/ now anyway, due to that bs.”

    Luke Magnifico

    Again, there’s no point in saying “I blew this popsicle joint ages ago, deal with it” when no one cared enough to notice you leaving in the first place.


    Ouch. You have successfully found the ugly truth.

    Too bad, DieA is gone… that one I actually miss…


    Oh and did I mention how many times I got a computer crippling virus from the NSFW site??? And yes, I’m running updated anti-virus software.


    Virus? Haven’t had a computer virus in ages… probably since my first computer but playing games from old floppy disks without anti-virus software was just begging for them.


    They were flash ad viruses. And I did have ad block enabled, but occasionally I’d fuck up and use IE (I know, I know…) for some dumb reason.

    Since the NSFW was basically randomnude reposts anyway (or vice versa), why go there. Tiki owns RN also right? Seems like lots of duplicated content across your domains. I’m sure that ups the bills.

    purple banana

    I just got laid off from my job this week with less than 12 hours notice. I did a PHENOMENAL job, and I’ve slacked off on many jobs before, but this one, I kicked ASS. Some people just get like that.

    My car also completely crapped out on me, I broke my elbow, am still recovering from three broken ribs, and my boyfriend recently totaled his car a month ago. And my birthday’s in a few days.

    Fuck it!

    purple banana

    Fuck yeah, I do. And I love them!

    I got a car today, though. 98 Civic, much better than my 97 Corolla. Applied for 50+ jobs around here, making much less than working in healthcare, but I’m done with getting paid slightly more than average, but being worked like a mule. I’ll make more at a pub, working with my, uh, assets.

    Best of luck, Tiki. Luckily my area hasn’t been hit much by the recession. And there’s always prostitution.


    Solution found, ticket closed.


    Sorry to hear it, man. Keep your chin up.


    HA! I lost my job in August, had a heart attack in October ( with 100,000 bucks worth of hospital bills to show for it ) and have had 10 goddam car breakdowns in the last 5 months.

    So, I ‘m here for the shrooms and giggles as well.


    Losing your job sucks, especially when it’s for no reason.


    I’m pretty sure the answer could lie at the end of your first ‘graph.


    Sorry to hear those news, how good/bad are the chance to get a new job in your area?

    Luke Magnifico

    I hope you filled your car with printers and scanners.

    Also homeless people always seem to have beer, ask them where they get it, they tend to be very helpful people.


    This can be the beginning of a bright career as gigolo! Or you can become an escort.


    Sooo, what exactly did you do with the company again? I wan’t to say it had something to do with planning trade shows? Anyhow, it’s time to do some networking and see if someone can get a foot in the door for ya. If ya didn’t mind moving for a great job, there are plenty of people on your sites that can drop ya a line. For me sure it may be pricey living here in SoCal, but most good I.T. jobs out here will start ya at 50K annually (my group ranges from 55k to 70k, one of these mofo’s pulling in 100k!) and its sunny and no less than 60 degrees 300 days out of the year.


    Sorry to hear that. Keep your chin up and keep pushing.


    Mate, that sucks balls. It really does.

    I keep trying to write a nice, supportive message, but I’m pissed and keep writing like a dick. So instead: Best of fucking luck, you’ve got balls for putting these sites together. Trust in those balls, they’ll see you through.

    Heh. Balls

    Luke Magnifico

    Y’know, now that I think about it a lot of people make a good living walking around with a gun and just asking people for money, you could do that.


    A gun, how old-fashioned is that ?

    Luke Magnifico

    Hey, don’t mess with the classics dude.


    How many unique visitors are you getting per day?


    I Got fired too. Well to get fired from a job, you either have to do A BIG BULLSHIT:
    (Examples: Start a fire, blow up the place, Sell TV’s for 1 dolar, Sell burgers for 10.000 dolars, beat the shit out of someone, take a shit on public, dance naked of justin bieber)
    You have to do something repeatedly AND ignore the warnings:
    (Examples: Late to go to work, Be dirty, delay to produce, Don’t smile, Do Something wrogn) So.. you keep ignoring boss warnings for like 4-5 times and keep doing it wrong, will get u also fired.

    No Big bullshit? No ignored warnings? No lessen of staff due lack of customers? Customers were happy? In that case you should have quit earlier, you have to be very happy for getting fired, because the money wasn’t enough to see at those mad ugly faces every day.

    True story, Cheers.


    sorry to hear that Tiki, good luck in your job search!


    lol get over yourself – arrogance will get you fired – the net is plagued by people like you who think anyone cares what they do with their banal lives


    Sorry to hear Tiki but it sounds as though you have a positive attitude towards turning a new leaf and breaking ground. You are strong person to rise above it all in the economy of today. I lift my wine glass in praise of you and others who’ve been laid off.


    Don’t worry, NK will suck your cock to pass the time.


    Do I have to register to www.movieties.com/ or I’ll have to use the same account in MCS?


    “but it boiled down to the fact that someone on the board of directors didn’t like ponies”


    If I came to the site for the first time when a “pony run” was happening, I know I’d fuck right off and never come back.

    First impressions count.

    Kik Dogg

    Pinkie Pie feels your pain.


    Please consider a minimal life-support only web-site change-freeze until you’re employed. Devote 100% exhaustive dedicated effort 8+ hours a day toward getting a job. Battle circumstances, slay distractions, celebrate incremental success. You know what you have to do. We’ll all be fine till then.


    First of all I want to say I am sincerely sorry for tiki and the others who mentioned it here, losing their jobs. I’ve been there – although a long time ago – and it isn’t easy either emotionally or financially. My advice is take a day or two off and drink heavily and then get to work finding work, because having a goal is the only thing that will keep you sane.

    That said, it doesn’t sound like all that hopey-changey stuff is working out well, does it?


    I am not good at consolation… but I hope “bummer” will help in some way. Hopefully all works out until the next job.

    In the mean time, you can focus on your “net-pire”… and maybe find a way to plant child porn on your former employers computers before anonymously turning them in to the cops. (hint: Casemods owes you… he can loan you the child porn when your ready…)


    Don’t feel bad bro,

    I got fired in late 2010 b/c of some political crap at the city I was working for. I enjoyed the next 5 months of collecting unemployment, spending a couple of hours a day looking for work, mid day naps, plus the occasional nooner when my wife came home for lunch, and spending the rest of the day playing WOW or Star Trek Online.

    Overall, unemployment was a enjoyable experience for me. I hope you enjoy yours also!


    Maybe you got fired because you didn’t listen?

    People are saying “the ponys are shit”… “the ponys are FUCKING ANNOYING” yet here we have page after page after page after page after page after page after page of fuckin’ ponies.

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