Fallout 3

aerobic_gone_bad.png (946 KB)

come_at_me_bro.png (769 KB)

fallout_meets_the_thing.png (585 KB)

in_post_nuclear_america_robots_shit_nuts.png (878 KB)

lacking_hot_girlfriend_not_anymore.png (849 KB)

I never did finish it all (crash at save, crash on loading new location, crash on repairing, crash on opening Pip-Boy +random crashes, were too frustrating, after a while), but with “new and improved” fixes I found recently, it’s quite stable, so here something for frogurtx (sorry, been to Oasis, but didn’t make any screen-shots there).

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    It’s an awesome game, but what the hell gun are you using in the first screen cap??


    That’s great. Next time you should try it in English.


    Don’t know why I’m mentioned, but cool pictures.

    tiki god

    man, did you see the backlash from all the ponies? imagine if I let all those pix of a 10 year old FPS out.