MCS Theme Day – Original Content OR Your Fridge

It’s been much too long since we’ve done a theme day, so here we go:

Post something that you made, either you drew it, you paid someone else to draw it, or you photographed it or whatever.

If you have not done ANY of those, please feel free to take a picture of your refrigerator contents and post thoses.  All posts will be posted on March 1st, 2010.

edited to say: if you made it yourself, please say so in the post.  say “hey I made this”  or “hey I commissioned this masterful statue of my erect body part”

super edited to say: theme day is going gang buster, but it’s raping my poor server, so I’ve disabled a few things, notably the submission engine.  for those of you that got your posts in, good on you, for those of you that didn’t, whoops.

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    Ok boss, but what tags must we use – or post titles??


    This is crazy, I’m drawing something right now. All my Tikis look really faggy but I don’t care. I’m also studying the instructions for my camera so I can figure out how to use the timer for a pretty sweet idea I had. This is mystery timing right here.


    I guess I’ll go take more pictures with my new camera.


    ME TOO


    I expect casemods to be doing the same thing


    can it be a pic of the outside of a fridge? I have one on my cell w/ creative placement of alphabet letters.

    Jesus Christ

    Postan both?


    I is.


    well… I uploaded some pieces I’d paid for but I just noticed the whole ‘let’s see in your fridge’ thing. I’ll have to think about that one… island counter makes it hard to photograph the entire thing.


    so far, i have submitted about 10 Original pieces of artwork (in 3 separate posts) that i commissioned myself to produce.

    i started a couple of days ago, and i will continue to produce 2-3 of these pieces a day, until theme day arrives or i loose my inspirations, whichever comes first


    I submitted a few things, for the first time ever! So exciting. One was a bit gory though, so I made it nsfw.


    i gave you a thumbs up for popping your submission cherry, and i can’t figure out why someone would down vote you. D: submitting original content should be nurtured and encouraged


    I submitted some examples of my photography.


    I submitted some stuff, but I’m not sure if they got through. Could some one check for me?


    i think tiki is holding them until theme day so McS+ can’t see them. which is unexpectedly very exciting


    Thanks natedog. We’ll see how the downvoter feels about my stuff once they see it. Should be an interesting day on the site. Cool idea, Tiki.


    yo tiki, i submitted my stuff, but it doesnt say i did under mt submissions. explain?


    Happened with me. I’m guessing that’s whats supposed to happen. Read above posts.

    Maxwell Edison

    Hey, Tiki, that thing I submitted the other day? I made it. Didn’t see this.


    You know the thing with the thing and stuff.

    See, he’s seen it.


    I submitted an old sketch which vanished from my submissions page, so I assume it got rejected. Two later submissions ‘await moderation.’


    i also submitted a drawing which has been awaiting moderation for a week or so. did you see it, or what?


    I Threw in some of my sketches/pictures.


    I have some wooden pokemons… as in I drew them on a thin piece of wood and then made cut outs and put those on stands… I hope I get to taking a picture of them soon.


    dooooo deeee dooo

    fracked again

    Shit. I finally realized that I don’t draw stuff, but I do make jewelry. When the submission engine comes back up, I’ll post a couple of my better pieces.


    there are several theme day submissions stuck in limbo


    I think mine is.