Audio Ads

Couple people have mentioned that they’re getting audio ads, which I’m unfortunately not seeing (hearing?) myself.  If you can tell which ad block it’s coming from, let me know they all have a label above them.


EDIT: It’s the new ones, which is sorta what I figured, but people are pointing the finger in the right direction, which is awesome.  Oh, what’s not awesome though? racist comments or bullshit image embeds that have nothing to do with the post that people are commenting on.  I’m going to start deleting those as I see them and they piss me off.

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    No ads to report because you know, Firefox.


    ^ That
    + wasn’t this a case, like ages ago ?
    + did a check in Opera and IE. Besides IE clicking, can’t hear shit, captain.


    I get it all the time on Chrome. thank god they put the little speaker icon on the tab so I can close it. But yeah, this is annoying as f*ck.


    It’s the AdNXS.
    But after the first couple I haven’t had another one.