Oh God, i have so many ponies to offer you!

There’s a serious lack of posts in the MCS queue right now, though I do have to be honest, I’m lying right now.  There’s about 200 pony posts sitting in the queue that I could approve, but I’ve heard that not everyone appreciates the pony posts as much as I do.  Would you like to keep the pony posts at bay?  Then you really really REALLY need to go to the MCS submission page and submit some images, because there’s only a few hours left of regular images before I start approving pony posts again…

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    those wouldn’t be the ponies from imgderp


    Jesus, Tiki, if you approve those ponies….. Who is submitting these things, anyway?!


    Morons 😛


    Fuck knows I’ve done my part.
    And let me see if I’ve got this right: you’re threatening to post more of the very thing that’s driving people away, in an effort to get them to post more…?


    He is drunk,
    tiki drunk, the blood content in his blood is enough to kill 1000 people
    don’t argue with him, just submit


    “And let me see if I’ve got this right: you’re threatening to post more of the very thing that’s driving people away, in an effort to get them to post more…?”
    ^ that.
    + those waiting times for approval, and publication, could be lower in all cases, not just boobs related.
    ++ I think you wanted more people on your other projects, like that recommended to me imagederp ? People’s time (on teh Internets) is finite, so if there somewhere else, there not here.


    i posted tons of pics please no more ponies!


    I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Second, I would donate to this site if it didn’t turn into such shit. Ponies equal SHIT. Get rid of the shit and I’ll put money into this place.


    when tiki is drunk tiki post ponies
    when tiki is broke he drinks
    when tiki has money he drinks
    the point is tiki likes ponies and drinking
    just give him the money


    That’s bullshit. If he doesn’t care enough to put some effort into the site, why should anybody else?


    I’ll see what I can do 😛


    20 pony posts and I’ll just avoid the place. But 200?


    my last submission was in june last year


    The site used to be a lot of fun. Now it’s pictures of ponies and food.WTF?????




    It’s cool everyone, I’m a professional.


    Every time you post a pony, your chances of ever getting laid go down 1%.


    you’re full of hate aren’t you?


    You’re at -74%, aren’t you?


    The only way he could get a negative percentage is… ugh, actually, if he somehow *removed* pony posts.


    Hey Tiki, a bit OT, but I posted some NSFW stuff a while back and never saw it post, did I do something wrong or was it more disgusting then ponies?


    gayest comment ever


    That (random randomness of approval, trashing stuff), is something to consider too.


    Stop with the fucking ponies! Oh my God they’re annoying! Seriously, it isn’t funny, just give it it up. You’re just pissing everyone off.


    Holy shit, this site still exists?

    I thought this shit was shut down months ago because people stopped giving a rusty fuck about it.

    D. Las

    maybe MCS is on a decline? I just started trolling this site again after a few years of neglect


    Let the ponies wither and die.


    The pop-ups made me stop coming to this site as often as I used to. And ponies also make me stop coming here. If you want me to post again- stop all that. I have found other sites to entertain me now.


    fuck this site. I’m so sick of this faggot rainbow fairy pony bullshit. fuck you all minus diea, who i assume must be 21 by now

    hit her up on facebook


    also, tiki, if you ever look back and wonder why you ‘flagship’ site failed remember this word…………PONY


    UID #473 reporting in. I’ve been visiting this site daily since 2005. I *will* stop visiting this site if we have another pony explosion. I will delete the bookmark and never look back.


    God damn it, all of you have such low UIDs, I feel like the newbie


    Holy shit… no offense, but daily? Get a life, man.


    maybe we should make it so only 3 digit UID’s can post?


    fuck it, i will start posting 1/2 of my pics that i post on my blog here