Top Slots you must play online 

There’s no different casino game around that means quite as much to as many people as slots. They’re exciting, fun, and varied, and give out large amounts of cash in a number of cases. Actually the smaller jackpots are also certainly well worth playing for. So it has to come as no surprise that online slots are actually the most popular of all the online games. 

There are so many online slots that it may be very difficult to figure out precisely which ones are likely to be best for one to play. This is the reason we’ve come up with a list of several of the best slots you need to play online. They are going to give you a great idea of what you should look out for down the road, since there are usually new games currently being brought out. 

Cleopatra Slot

The Cleopatra slot is a really common one, and that is because it is a lot of fun, with its twenty paylines across 5 reels. This is a game by IGT, and it takes place on the River Nile in Egypt. Obviously, with Cleopatra as the primary character, there’s likely to be a sumptuous and rich theme. 

This particular game comes with an RTP of ninety five percent which is actually a little bit on the low side, but with the theme simply being a remarkable one, there’s no question a large number of folks will want to play despite this. Especially when they realise there’s a good bonus round to play. This is initiated by finding three or more sphinxes across the reels, and as a reward for this you will get fifteen free spins, and all those free spins are actually responsible for the vast majority of the wins on this particular game. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest offers a variety of different ways for you to make the most of your playing finances and increase those likely wins. Look out for the 7 different Mayan themed symbols, and if you get between 3 and 5 of them identically across the reels, you are going to get a multiplier. The more you pay in, the more you take out if you win, clearly, so it may be worth boosting the budget of yours a little bit on this specific game, or perhaps at least upping just how much you wish to pay per spin. If you get the gold and blue face, you are going to be in line for 2,500 times your bet, so this is the one you want to look out for. 

Another thing that is intriguing about Gonzo’s Quest is the avalanche feature. When this is triggered, the symbols are going to fall (and not spin). A winning combination is going to explode and every time that occurs you get much more of a multiplier, up to 5 times. 


Monopoly is most likely the most prominent board game on the planet, and today it’s a slot game as well, bringing that feeling of contest and fun to the internet world. The main reason this game is popular, though, is not due to everyone’s love of the board game, but instead it’s due to the outstanding extra games which feature. 

You will get a bonus if you pass go, for instance, just as you do in the actual game. Plus you are able to choose cards to find out what type of prize you are likely to get – you may also trigger an immediate bonus round. 

With an RTP of ninety five percent it is not bad, and the extraordinary graphics and bonuses are definitely a thing to savour.

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    Ya done sold out, Tiki?


    Slots on a computer, whether it be in your home or on a bar in Vegas have almost seemed even more of a con than their mechanical variety. You put your buck in and the computer tells you whether you’ve lost it or not. It’s not like pulling a handle and watching the reels spin. I know that statistically, they’re all bullshit and that over a long enough timeline, you’re going to get back 84% (or whatever it says on the front of the machine) back, regardless of skill or luck. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make sense as a business model.… Read more »

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