700 People Liked MCS on Facebook!

I’m happy to report that just a few moments ago, MCS hit 700 “likes” on the facebooks.  If you haven’t “liked” MCS yes, please do so from this link right here, I would greatly appreciate it!  I would really love to have over 1,000 likes so that I can throw it in the face of my previous employer, “Oh, you fired me?  well I have over a thousand people that like me on my facebook, so fuck you buddy.”

Also, the increased likes may lead to increased traffic, which will lead to increased income, which will lead to me not being homeless in 3 weeks when my mortgage is due.  So there’s that too.

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    i can’t.


    Would like it more without all the fucking ponies.


    Do we have your sacred word on that, and will you swear it on a stack of bibles in a court of law?


    lol sarcasm


    Sorry Tiki, I like your site, and I’ve submitted stuff, but there is to much NSFW on the safe side. A like goes on my permanent Facebook record, and although I’m work now, my current employer is awesome. Future ones might be not so much.


    LoL. Good for him.

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