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    And it is all shit.


    It is, however, a particularly well-stocked bar for cocktails, which it would pretty obviously assembled for (if it existed). What it lacks in aged single malts, it makes up for in versatility!

    Gimme some fruit, sugar syrup, Post-mix and garnish, and I could do wonderful things with that.


    Nah, I see a few good ones in there… Tanqueray Rangpur lime gin, Bushnell’s Black Bush, and the Glenlivet, to name a few.

    fracked again

    Not all bad, a decent scotch or two, a gin I could enjoy and a few decent vodkas. I could have fun with this with nothing more than glasses, ice, some lemons and olives.


    Not even a Guinness.


    beer selection suxors
    too much cheap assed Malibu
    too many flavored smirnofs
    Absolut meh..
    couple of Stolichnya which is still meh-ish

    Makers Mark for the save..

    sorta funny how we all fixate on different things.


    Grey Goose and Level are decent vodkas. Kahlua is great for cooking w/, as is Midori.

    fracked again


    But add a couple shots of Amarula to the cake and a couple tablespoons of Amarula to the glaze to make a fucking excellent cake.

    I have had a woman offer to be my wife’s surrogate womb in exchange for one of these cakes every two weeks. Thats how good they are.


    Bacardi and Captain Morgan.

    I don’t need fancy shit.