I need at least 5 other people to post to Internet-D

it’s amazingly easy now, I’ve been testing out ITTT with youtube/delicious/vimeo integration and the last couple weeks have been very, very, INCREDIBLY easy to get content up to the site.  Small problem is that 1 – there isn’t ENOUGH content going up to make any kind of traffic sense, and 2 – there isn’t an audience, so here’s your awareness indicator, www.internet-d.com is being stocked with random internet tidbits on an hourly basis.  Want to sign up for an account and start it up?  click here!

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    [quote]Want to sign up for an account and start it up?[/quote]
    Maybe to the second part.


    1. Please elaborate.
    2. You’re not my type.


    I used the same account for mcs
    what gives?