MCS on BoingBoing (Don’t worry, I’m from tech support)


You might notice that MCS is running a tad bit slow recently, and that’s in large part due to not ONE, but TWO links on‘s front page, plus traffic from Neatorama. So, bare with us for a while. If you’re new to the site, I’d love for you to subscribe to the MCS RSS Feed!
Oh,and someone get me an fire extinguisher, I think my server is on fire.

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    Grats on the links! Now get your crack kitty techs in there to clear up the clogged Interweb tubes!


    I think things are starting to cool down a bit now, I can actually load the styles and not just plain text. On that note, I think the new style you have on the site is actually pretty decent, i wasn’t sure at first ’cause of some display issues, but it seems to have worked out relaly well. Good work, tiki!