My God Damned Neighbors just woke me up

yes, it’s 4 am.

to celebrate this, please regale me with tales of when you really really wanted to hurt someone, but didn’t, because that would be stupid.
(ps, I’m staying up to watch my security cameras to be sure they don’t try anything stupid. I went over and “chatted” with them about the volume of their musics)

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    A few years back,about 4 AM, I sat straight up in bed when there was a loud sound and the building shook. The sound was someone trying to kick in a door. Doing it hard enough to actually shake a 2 story/8 unit apartment building. (Not the most solid building, but a solid door). Again and again someone tried kicking in the door. When it became clear his efforts where futile, he started yelling about his buddy leaving him hanging, with no way to get in the apartment while he was off banging some chick he just picked up. How… Read more »


    “…my security cameras…”
    Paranoid\voyeur much ?


    Should’ve left those cars on bricks couple of time. More cost effective – you don’t need to invest in surveillance, and you get free tires.


    I lived downstairs from…..a band. Yes, an entire band. I was there for 13 months before they moved in, and they seemed like such nice fellows. I moved into a new apartment 5 weeks later.


    I used to rent an apartment that have nice solid walls but the floor was thin as paper, I could actually hear when the downstairs neighbor switched lights on an off. At one point I got a new downstairs neighbor who received a stereo for Christmas and a metallica CD. 1 cd. that he played loudly over and over. I asked him to turn it down, he didn’t. I asked the landlord to inform him that other people have shifts that start in the AM. He would co-operate until she was gone then back to blasting. I called the cops… Read more »