Strategies that work for casino Roulette online

Most of us Roulette players place our bets with the main goal of having fun, but it’s always nice to have a secondary goal of leaving the wheel with a profit! Some people believe that there are no strategies that work for online Roulette, but they couldn’t be more wrong – there are plenty of ways to optimise your betting strategies. We’re going to outline some of our favourites for you – here are three strategies that work for casino online Roulette:

        Know your odds

        Quit while you’re ahead

        Manage your bankroll

Know your Odds

One of the most fail-proof strategies to apply when playing Blackjack is knowing your odds, and playing accordingly. The odds in online roulette depend on which region you are playing in, but generally for UK the odds stand as:

Even money bet 48.6%
Dozen bet 32.4%
Column bet 32.4%
Straight Up bet 2.7%
Street bet 8.11%
Split bet 5.51%
Corner bet 10.81%
Top Line bet N/A
Double-street bet 16.22%







Whilst memorizing this list isn’t going to guarantee you win on your bets, it will certainly ensure that you are aware of what you are betting on. Going for an Even Money bet? Sounds pretty safe to me. Going all in with your session winnings on a Straight Up bet? Probably not the best idea – your chances are slim. Go in with this attitude, and you can ensure that you keep your Roulette experience fun and controlled.

Money Management

Imagine you’ve just hit the jackpot on a risky Corner Bet – you are absolutely thrilled, and you feel that urge to try your luck one more time, stronger than ever. Probably not the best idea – it’s time to walk away with your earnings and brag about it to your mates down the pub! It can be so easy to get carried away when riding the wave of Roulette, but it’s so important that you quit while you’re ahead. You’ll never regret walking away with a profit, but you certainly will regret it if you lose your winnings in a spur of the moment risky bet!

Another pro strategy related to your finances is bankroll management. Before a session, allocate a wad of cash for your Roulette bets, and stick to it. Save some cash for your other games of choice and move on when you’ve hit your limit. Having a disciplined and thought out bankroll system is a sure-fire way to enjoy Roulette whilst protecting your winnings!

Assessing your Chances

In conclusion, if someone tells you that they have a strategy to ensure you win at Roulette every time, they’re probably talking rubbish. It’s still a game of chance at the end of the day, so we cannot control what happens within the game. What we can control however, is our awareness of the odds, the way we place our bets, and the amount of money we choose to allocate to our session. These are the true strategies that work when playing online Roulette – no nonsense, just plain logic.

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