Reddit is in full meltdown


The title is incorrect actually, as it seems like only 1-2% of reddit is still dark.  This is a clear indication of what happens to a popular site when the owners don’t take heed to the user’s concerns, something that I’ve struggled with on my own sites, and I’m only a single guy working on a site, and not a group of people with corporate overlords like Reddit.  My day job is in one of those massive corporations, so I appreciate how difficult it can get consensus on new features and how to implement them, and can really appreciate how slow that wheel of progress can turn.  On the flip side, running MCS has shown me how quickly people can blow the fuck up when a singular person like me changes something major on the site (drop down comments, ratings, mcs+, et al) so I think I’m able to see both sides of this argument, and I’m also seeing additional motivation to get some more work done on this site to make things….better.

  1. First step of course is to get the rest of these damn posts tagged.  considering I started with about 30,000 posts to tag, I’m feeling pretty good to be approaching 3,000 today.
  2. Next step is to fix the image submission and posting on mcs+.  I’ve always wanted the front page to be my own posts with posts that I’ve enjoyed from other people, the struggle has always been with how appropriate the content is and how impossible/difficult it is to get it from the sfw site to the NSFW site if someone happened to post something that had a vague hint of a female nipple (male nipples are just fine though).  We had the forums for a fair long while but the software that I was using was less than perfect and was letting all sorts of spam and virus links onto the site, and since it was being under utilized it was taken down.  I still feel there’s a slight need for that though, so that’s going to be part of the MCS+ side of things.
  3. Revenue for MCS is a difficult thing to get my head around.  Google Adsense has banned us for a while, and in the nearly 10 years the site has been up, they were the only ones that actually paid enough to make it work the time and effort, along with the reliability of not having ads with autoplay videos or viruses.  I’ve been emboldened by sites like Metafilter or news sites that have people pay for access or the ability to comment.  Back when I first introduced MCS+ it was $25 for a lifetime membership, then I kinda dropped that after 5-6 months of no purchases.  I’m not sure how it’s really going to look in the future, but that’s something that I feel strongly about: removing all ads and letting the community support the site, either through something like Patreon or purchasing monthly subscriptions for content / posting abilities, somewhere in the realms of 1-2 dollars a month at most.

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    Chet Manley

    Do you accept bitcoin? You need to post a bitcoin address.


    Bitcoin is exactly like a Unicorn on a Unicycle, EXCEPT that the Unicorn is juggling runaway Uzis while it pedals backwards.

    Just that simple.

    Chet Manley

    Then no donation for you.


    The only time I’m on reddit, is because tineye points me there, so don’t know anything about it, so don’t give a flying fuck.

    As for creating a paywall, I think that only works for sites people can’t live without, deliver some unique content, or are cool to have, prestige as fuck.


    pretend we are prestige as fuck and rob the noobs out of money
    also we need casemods back

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