battlling depression by creating a new template for MCS

you’ll notice there’s a new template available to use.  It’s not really ready for prime time, but it’s there for you to see what it looks like.

Also, thinking of making stickers to mail to people.  it’d be like $.25 per sticker to make and then like $.50 to mail the stupid thing, anyone interested?

I’d do two designs, one with just “M[c]S” on it and the other with one of those nifty logos that someone thought up for the site.

So, interested?  Thoughts on the additional layout?

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    Hope you feel better soon, man. And I think the theme’s cool except for all that empty space at the bottom ’cause of the sidebar. Also OMG stickers


    i can print stuff, stickers and suchlike for really cheap, being a print broker… if you need help with such things, drop me an email or something. 8)


    Way down for stickers! Would they be vinyl? If you have access to a cutter it tends to be VERY appealing over paper. Also, stupid question but how do you swap template?


    Stickers kick ass. (And try not to give too much credence to the thoughts that come when you’re feeling down. As the man said [and I speak from personal experience here], “this, too, shall pass.”)


    Sorry that you’re feeling down. I’ve battled that nasty little demon my entire life. The only thing that works for me is keeping busy.

    Great site btw…


    Thank you for fixing that filesize thingy. Sadly, I don’t how anything to REALLY test it out 🙁
    Not yet ;]


    No need, I can make some very niiice gif’s, now without the resizing, cropping, and stuff.
    +, that website, is sooo 00’s 😉


    what are you depressed about. aren’t you a newlywed? oh.

    Doc Shadow

    As another MCSer who has battled depression (just recently been coming out of a multi-year depression/grieving process) I can empathize. Keep forging on!

    And I being that I’ve lost countless hours here over the years I would definitely be down to support it with some stickers!


    theme won’t switch for me,tried square and twenty-ten but it stays on magup
    win 7 64


    car windows sticker would be fun if we could think of a crazy take on those damn stick familly stickers. A re-invention if you will, like the darwin fish evolution sticker make fun of the christian whatever fishies.

    my 2 cents..

    You feel better soon. Now ladies, take your handkerchiefs out: A professor at a German university started a new semester by holding a 50 euro bill high. In the lectures were about two hundred students. He looks around the room and asked, “Who would like to have this certificate” All hands went up. Of course! Then he crumpled the note and asked, “Would it have still someone” all hands went back up. The professor threw the bill on the ground, stomped on it around and rubbed his shoe soles of the ticket from. When he picked up the bill, he… Read more »

    I enjoy the hangover, because I can feel the difference to life.


    good luck Tiki, where’s the Buy Tiki a Beer button?


    “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem first make sure that you are not in fact surrounded by assholes”

    Some guy I should remember.
    Get better tiki.