Hells Angels:The Strange And Terrible Saga Of The Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

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By Hunter S. Thomas

Perhaps I will read this next.

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    we cant stop here, this is fag country

    did you see that? i meshed Hunter S. Thompson humor with SouthPark humor!!!

    fracked again

    Oh, you truly are an angry strip of bacon.


    I tried reading this book…I couldn’t get past the first 100 pages of statistics about the Hells Angels. Maybe it gets better?


    Nah, it’s equally boring all the way through. The Hells Angels are hype and swagger.


    Funny thing is if you read any of the books by the Angels that were involved with Hunter hanging out with them at the time they all describe him as a little scared bitch.


    that’s strange- a friend gave me this book for the holiday. he also gave me the Art of War. my Mom gave me George Carlin’s Last Words. i’ve got some readin’ to do.


    Read it. Not as good as Fear and Loathing of course, but both are worth a read.


    This is a great book. The reason he gives so much information about the Angels in the beginning is because HST was a JOURNALIST. That’s what journalists do. And its not that Hunter was a “scared little bitch”, he was always drunk or on a head full of drugs. If you hung out with the Hells Angels in the 1960’s, you’d be a scared little bitch too. HST knew he was lucky to get away from them with just a broken nose. I also suggest The Rum Diary.