there’s like 600 posts set for the future, if you were MCS+ you’d be able to see them.

Also, commenting has been re-enabled for the future posts, so those of you that are already MCS+ can now go in there and comment to your little heart’s desire.

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    Burn NK like a witch.

    Just stating what you are all thinking.


    i gave you thumbs up, about to submit a bunch of dudes


    “about to submit to a bunch of dudes”

    Fixed that for ya


    it sucks that you have to pay $25 or more to get MCS+ when $1 dollar should be sufficient. just saying. i love this site. i like the images and everything else but come on .. $25+ ??? bullshit


    i see what you did there but the $25 is not really for the MCS plus but it’s rather for supporting the website. the MCS plus is like saying thank you for donating


    OK, OK, I’ve been thinking about it. Now that the thieves of the house have been evicted (seriously, if you rip me off of a few thousand dollars, expect to be kicked out of the house, and don’t even think about begging for money because you’ve run out of gas three days later…), I should be able to afford and even justify the $25 to the wife.


    Tiki, how would one know who commented on a pot in mcs+?


    ^ Temporarily retarded^
    Tiki, how would one know on which post people have commented on a mcs+ post?