Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, and I’d like suggestions as to what I should be doing immediately afterwards and the recovery time period for the week after.

Should I read a book?  what a movie?  what a TV series?  Someone told me that they’d be giving me drugs of some sort for the mild discomfort that I may experience.

Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out?  how easy was it for you to recover from it?

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    it went fine for me. i went under general anaesthesia because i had some wicked impactioned teeth. i fell asleep mid-sentence talking to the doctor and woke up trying to continue where i’d left off, except suddenly through a wad of bloody cotton in my mouth.

    mashed potatos, as i recall, from KFC or instant from a box. and jello. took pain pills for a couple days, not long. sat around for a couple days off on the interwebs, watching netflix and playing video games variously.

    no drinking or smoking til it heals because of the risk of the dreaded “dry socket”, which according to the people i know who drank and smoked after having their wisdom teeth out, made them want to die in the mouth.


    impactioned? jesus. impacted.


    I got painkillers for afters but never needed them. I got two removed under local anaesthetics by the dentist and if he’s any good at his job you should be fine. Can’t remember my diet straight after. Prolly was liquid or squishy.


    The thing that hurt the most for me was where they put the IV in my hand for the anesthetics. I stopped taking the pain pills the second day because the devil kept talking to me when I tried to sleep. Second day I was playing basketball. Third day I was driving and going to class. Pretty uneventful, but my fucking hand was sore for a week.

    Jesus Christ

    I’m receiving biofeedback training to get me out of my phobia of needles. I need to get my wisdom teeth done. I walked out of a dental office just before getting mine out just because the doctor was being a huge prick about me not wanting the needle. I was like, “Fine! Fuck you! I’ll take my seven hundred dollars and LEAVE!”


    You can try and ask for a prescription for an oral sedative to take before the procedure.

    Jesus Christ

    I don’t have a dignified response to this, but I acknowledge your intentions were good.


    I hate dentist.


    Soup On The Go and Ultra Slim-fast were good friends to me during that time.


    They’re gonna give you a weird curvy syringe thing for cleaning out the hole, use it. I didn’t and got a nasty tonsil infection.


    They didn’t give me one of those until AFTER one of the sockets became infected and they had to hack it back open. Wish I’d had one from the start.


    Ensures are also good as well. I drank those quite a bit when I was in the hospital for 2 years, and for both of my wisdom tooth extractions.
    DO NOT use a straw, you might get some of the liquid in your wisdom tooth cavity which could lead to a dry socket or infection, and you don’t want that at all.

    The Lipton Noodle soups with the small bits are nice and easy to eat, as well as the Campbell’s Soup on the Go like Saborlas mentioned are great.
    Pudding, Jello, Ice Cream, etc.

    Honestly, I played a lot of video games when I was laid out. Kept my mind busy and help me forget about the pain since I don’t like taking pain medications. While I was in the hospital for another major surgery, my nerve blocks failed and I was SOL for pain suppression, other than my own will. You know what got me through it? Lego’s.
    The wife bought me some of the collectors series Star Wars Lego sets, and I spent all day putting them together, and pretty much ignoring the pain.

    Also, make sure you spit the blood out.
    If you swallow to much of it, you could make yourself sick and vomit is bad for open wounds in your mouth. =)

    Good luck!

    Luke Magnifico

    The underwater sets are king-boss. The ones nowadays I think have faggy mermen or some shit, but they’re still kinda awesome.

    fracked again

    Good advice. Lotsa video games and legos did the trick for me, too.


    Wisdom Teeth Extraction? Never needed, those little guys never gave me any trouble which is good to surprise the dentists (whenever I do go to a dentist, so far almost never).


    I was injected with some pretty strong stuff; I was awake, but just didn’t care. Anyway, the doc went in with a mini Dremel and cut the damn things out, sewed them up, stuffed me full of gauze and sent me home. Other than popping the stitches in my sleep and spending an hour or two slowly bleeding into the sink, it was pretty easy. No painkillers either.
    Soup, mashed potatoes, and pudding was pretty much all I ate for about a week, but I was up and doing stuff the day after.


    Surgery itself is easy as pie. You go in, feel anxious, they put the IV in, you feel a little more anxious, they put the first mix in, you feel relaxed, you wonder how the next pa-you fall asleep.

    The first day is going to suck so much worse than the rest of the week, so don’t get too miserable if Day-1 hurts. After you stop needing to change the gauze and the initial pain goes away, it’s a very dull obnoxious “inflamed” pain that the drugs should take care of no problem.

    For the first few days, the blood clots in the old tooth holes are pretty fragile. Smoking, using straws, and heated food/drink can dislodge/melt them — which you don’t want. Dry socket hurts way more than Day-1 does. Be aware.

    When I had mine out, I just lived on apple sauce, pudding, jello, juicy juice, and seltzer water. I hate seltzer, but it was good for taking bad tastes out of my mouth and bubbling away some of the … stagnant… feeling.

    Good luck and a speedy recovery, Teek!


    i went in and out in 15 minutes, one lower wisdom teeth less, some stitches, very little local anesthesia… definitely one of the least dreadful sessions at the dentist 🙂


    I need my wisdom teeth pulled!!!!!!!!!!!


    Had two out last year, right side of mouth. The filling had come out of the top one years before but it didn’t hurt so I hadn’t bothered with it til it started to produce a metallic taste (yuck) so had them out.

    Procedure was simple enough but the top one’s roots had perforated my sinus so I had to go back and have the gum sliced to form a flap and this was stitched over the hole where the tooth had been. Again, wasn’t too bad (all under local anesthetic). Ached for a week or two and the stitches felt a little weird but no biggie.

    Glad I had them out cos everytime they flared up I got ill or run down and the top one was like a razor where the filling had come out and I’d had to chew on the ‘wrong’ side for years as a result cos it kept catching my cheek.

    The bottom one… twitpic.com/2gfqry


    Will you have big gaping holes instead of teeth for the rest of your life?

    I know I hate getting popcorn stuck in your gums, but meatballs? Sounds scary.

    casemods UID# 667

    how about you stop being such a fucking attention whore and stop posting every little thing you do on this site

    Luke Magnifico

    Legitimately made me lol.


    i agree with casemaster again….


    The irony of User667 suggesting such is obviously lost on you.


    Had one of my wisdom tooth removed, doc did such a good job I barely felt any pain after it was removed. Didn’t need the pain pills. Good luck, hope yours go well


    Made the appt for first thing Fri. , stayed awake, drove myself home (lied and said I had a cab outside)
    Avoided dry socket by following whatever advice they gave

    Watched a bunch of crappy sci-fi tv and build models all weekend, wish I’d stocked up on good anime etc..
    Did not take pain pills
    Drank hot and sour soup

    Was back at work on Monday.


    They give you pain killers when you get your wisdom teeth removed? Well hell I wanna get mine removed


    I never got pain pills after my wisdom teeth were removed. I just ate ice cream and watched Clint Eastwood films for a few days, then everything went pretty much back to normal.

    Bill Carson

    I tell my wife that the healing process can be accelerated through copius amounts of oral sex. She is skeptical, but I can usually count on some pity petting.


    I got mine out spring break of my sophomore year of high school. If they’re putting you under completely it might take a while for your head to clear. I was half-comatose for an hour or two after I had gone home. My lunch that day was a chocolate shake. Pretty much anything cold and liquid would be good, no, that does not mean beer. Jello, milkshakes, mashed potatoes, and ice cream would all be good for the first day or two. The cold will help with the swelling, too.


    if you like tea at all, have some and save the tea bag to suck on. (that sounds weird and all but its what my dentist reccomended to me) itl distract you from the bloodygross flavor and pain in your mouth and give you something else to focus on.


    Having your wisdom teeth out is no problem at all, but then again it depends on your pain tolerance. If you need, take Tylenol-3s and you’ll be fine (or any other pain killer).

    What I do suggest is taking frozen pea or corn in bags and having them for when the swelling goes down and you have any pain. They mould to your face like a dream!

    And for watching movies or TV, watch:

    1) The IT Crowd

    2) Six Feet Under

    3) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    4) Despicable Me


    No, seriously, it’s much more than life in a funeral parlor, by the end you’ll see life in a different light!

    Oh, watch Harry Brown with Michael Caine, we just finished watching it, an amazing movie.


    POPCYCLES and CHICKEN BROTH. That’s how I got thru NINE tooth extractions as a kid. You cannot chew- so you can suck on popsicles, and sip on chicken broth. The saltiness of the broth helps to clean and heal the holes. LOL Buy them and have them ready!


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    I got my wisdom teeth out last year & I got dry socket…. Prior to having to deal with the horrible pain I had a great drive home & I would highly recommend that you have someone record video of you dealing with the anesthesia because the things that could come out of your mouth (besides blood & drool) could be worth more than gold!

    Before you start the surgery you should put in a request to keep the teeth that they have pulled & post the image on the site (when your feeling better) and we all can enjoy the bloody doom that was in your mouth.

    Now dry socket is a Fucking bitch so if you have to deal with that good luck….

    fracked again

    I tried to pick up the nurse in front of my wife. I so wish that she had recorded me.


    Hell ya you can….. as long as the oral surgeon does not destroy your impacted teeth then you should be fine. I have 3 of the 4 teeth in a box some where.
    I also think you should take the teeth and get some Chinese man who writes names on rice & make it look like the post called “Queequeg” & put Tiki stuff all up on your teeth.. I think it would be a great add to the odd random shit you have.


    Although I know someone out there is going to make light of what I’m about to say…I’ll just say it. I only have one of mine left. The other three, for various causes were removed. Tiki, If you smoke then I suggest you quit for a few days, and if you are planning on drinking through a straw then DON’T. Worst case you end up with Dry Socket as _Mc2_ just mentioned. Not a fun deal. Basically, here it comes, Don’t SUCK on anything. I only had it once and that was from smoking….or the milkshake I had afterward.


    yeah mine were all impacted too. Mashed potatoes and Jello and instant pudding are a good thing; plenty of sleep too. If the doc is cool he’ll give you a script for Vicodin. For salt cravings get some bouillon; nuke it in a cup of water for about 3 min and good to go. Good Luck!


    I’m a lazy fuck and I don’t feel like reading this huge list of comments.

    I got mine out less than a month ago. The best thing you can do past day one is not lay around. For the first 3 or four days make sure you’re washing with warm water. Especially the sockets for the erupted ones. Once the tooth has erupted, it is also rooted into the jaw. That may be okay for the surgeon, but it’ll suck for you. Those will hurt if they get dry. Keep eating your damn applesauce and rinsing and all should be fine. You’re gonna want to try and ‘exercise’ your mouth as soon as you feel even slightly capable. It’ll hurt, and you’re gonna probably drool/bleed on everything, but that’s okay. Also, get yourself a shitty pillow and pillowcase or just a shitty pillow. A towel on the pillow may work equally well. You will bleed everywhere for the first day and a half if you’re just laying in bed, so expect to ruin a pillow if you don’t take some precautions. Don’t play with your stitches either. I had a fun time with that. They pulled tighter and it felt like I was getting stabbed in the face for about 20 minutes straight.


    you lazy fuck…. though your comment is very insightful for things that have been neglected to post. ie pillowcase


    Make sure they give you a syringe so you can >>GENTLY<< wash out any crap you get in your craters.

    Make sure you've got some good movies to watch. I was up and around the second day – hope it goes well for you.


    Ask to have them give you the teeth instead of throwing them out. You grew them for years, might as well play with them a bit.
    Make a loud noise at work. Make ouchy noises. Hold up the tooth in catchup. Get the rest of the day off.
    Bet that you can bite your own chin with your own teeth.
    Drop one in a glass of coke. Wait 24 hours. Vanished!


    lmfao great idea! I love the tooth in catchup.


    i still have all four of my wisdom tooth intact. and don’t plan on taking them out anytime soon


    I, hubby and all 3 kids got all our wisdom teeth pulled at one time (not all together). Once it starts it’s usually just best to get them pulled. On top of that I had 8 teeth removed in one session. I got a medical note for 3 days, since teaching requires a fair amount of talking. I’m pretty sure I got vicodin for the pain. After 2 days ibuprofen worked best. I had almost no bleeding; hubby and eldest kid had quite a bit.

    If you’re taking pain meds, makes sure you’re eating enough, otherwise you’ll be puking (learned that the hard way). Ensure, Glucerna or Slimfast work well. I also ate Wendy’s frosties w/ a spoon. As others said, ice cream, pudding, jello, yogurt etc…are all good for snacking. I avoided hot foods, w/ the exception of hot tea. Tea is an astringent and will help w/ the swelling and (as someone else suggested) is good for putting the used teabag directly on the gum.

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