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notice anything odd about the stats for the STBC forums?

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Topic Posts Last Poster
Early Reviews of 2009 Movie 1 tiki god
Anyone read the return books? 1 tiki god
Why did they even bother? 1 tiki god
recent downtime 1 tiki god
Destiny trilogy and subsequent books. 7 tiki god
Star Trek Vanguard : The first three 6 tiki god
Upcoming Star Trek Movie? 8 vwguy16
Who’s got the Star Trek rights now? 3 tiki god
TOS BluRay Disks 4 tiki god

Yeah, that’s me pretty much talking to myself. If you have a MCS login(if not, you can register!), it’ll work over at the star trek forums, so please go talk to me. or talk amongst yourselves.  either way, there’s a perfectly good website sitting over there not being loved. Go love it.

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    Not a big Star Trek fan. *awaits the cries of “HERESY!!” from all the Trekkies on here*


    I have a fuck you followed quickly by a meh.


    star trek? no thanks im not into dudes.


    OK, well, I sort of forgot about it.

    I hope I’ve left enough replies to keep you busy for about, oh I’d say 10 minutes…. :-p


    vwguy likes star trek? go finger…