Lack of planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on my part

Those of you that have significant others:

Have you shared your computer password with them?  Is that a normal thing?

once you’re married, are there supposed to be boundaries still?

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    No, no, yes. Unless you’re a complete idiot. Just cutting your balls off & handing them over seems like an easier way to get the same result.


    We each have our own computers with our own passwords.
    Just because you’re suddenly married, doesn’t mean every little thing you do needs to be shared with your SO.


    by default, yes. the reason for this is that i have already experienced one injury that resulted in near-death, so i wrote everything down and put it in a place that would be one of the first that my wife would look, if i died. presumably (although i have no evidence of this) my wife has done something similar, although, generally, my impression is that she doesn’t care as much about passwords and security as i do.

    i don’t know whether it is a “normal” thing, because i am not “normal”.

    nothing changed with marriage. things change, but marriage didn’t cause the change, and i wouldn’t expect it to.


    I’d say yes, yes, no.

    We both have shares on the other’s computer.

    Then again, it seems that everybody in the family knows my password anyway, so it really doesn’t matter.


    I Keep an updated password file in the safe for my Wife to use if something happens to me. She does the same. So technically yes, we have access to each other’s digital life, but no, we don’t access them all willy nilly.

    Boundaries are a must in any relationship, even after marriage. I need my own space and time, as does she. It’s all about respect.


    We have a home computer we both use for household stuff….banking, email, facebook with family..etc.
    And we each have our own laptops….that the other doesn’t use.
    For whatever….(porn mostly in my case…)


    NobleK pretty much said it. Access can be had in case of “emergencies” but generally we leave each other’s digital life alone. That being said my wife sucks at making secure passwords and I am the family tech so I know almost everyone’s password by invite or having designed them. And my wife knows most of mine, she’d just have to try a few combinations.


    I have a password on my login and change it every month for basic safety. My wife can have the password any time she wants it but I’ve nothing on the computer which I want to hide.

    On the other hand, the majority of my passwords are stored in LastPass – she doesn’t have that master password, although that’s simply because she’s never asked.

    In the end the question is “Do you have stuff you don’t want her to see?”


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