Why are there different 90 ball bingo variants? 

Online bingo is incredibly popular for players with 90 ball bingo being the most traditional form. However there has been a rise in bingo variants over the past few years, with more and more players using them – also try 3 Kingdoms slot.

Bingo variants 

90 ball bingo is the de facto style of bingo game played throughout the UK. It can be found in bingo halls everywhere as well as online bingo sites. However, it is not the online type of bingo game out there. There are many different bingo variants for players to enjoy. Each offers a different experience, something that different players will all prefer. An example of these bingo variants is 30 ball bingo, also known as speed bingo, this is a bingo type that is much faster paced than 90 ball bingo. As there are fewer balls, players will speed through this game. If a player wants to enjoy a bingo game that is over quickly, this is the game for them. This is perfect if you have limited free time throughout the day. 

Why so many 

There are many different bingo variations to choose from, this has led some players to question why there have been so many. The following are some of the main reasons as to why there have been so many different bingo variations released. 

  •     It attracts new players – A key reason why casinos would want to see new bingo variations released is that they help to attract players to their site, particularly if they are brand new iterations of the game. It also helps to keep older players entertained, something that is particularly useful if they have been using the games for a while.
  •     They are simple games – One thing about all the variants of bingo that players will notice is how simple they are, they do not over complicate things in terms of gameplay or design.


With so many different bingo game variations out there, some players may not want to venture outside of their comfort zone. Those that do will find that there are many amazing benefits that these bingo game variations can offer, the following are some of the very best benefits that players can get from them. 

  •     Variety of bingo – Bingo is greatly admired throughout the world thanks to its simplicity. It can be played by pretty much anyone and the rules are as simple as anything. However sometimes you just want a change of things, these bingo variations are the perfect way to experience something different whilst still enjoying the simple game of bingo. 30 ball bingo can offer players a much faster experience, whilst 90 ball bingo will offer a longer and more methodical experience.
  •     More fun – With so many different variants to choose from, few can argue that this doesn’t make the game of bingo as a whole more fun. Not only does this attract new players to the game but it helps to retain old ones!


There are many bingo variations for one reason, the game is wildly popular with people!


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